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Is Ethereum (ETH) In Big Trouble?

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest coin by market cap. In mid 2017, most investors seriously considered the possibility of flippening which means Ethereum (ETH) overtaking Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of market cap. Now, even to their own surprise all of a sudden nobody is talking about Etheruem (ETH) anymore with as much zeal and excitement as before. Before we discuss what went wrong, let us say that Ethereum was one of the hottest coins last year which did make 100x returns for investors who got in at the beginning of the year and got out at the top. In...

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The Golem Project Looks Promising For Ethereum

The Golem project is one of the first Ethereum ICO projects, which has now officially launched. Just this week, an announcement was issued on their website revealing that the Brass Beta version of Golem had gone live. Golem became known as the ‘Airbnb for Computers’, but within the first 29 minutes, it has racked up 820,000 Ether, which made analysts question the future of the project. The statement said; “We’ve come a long way. From being one of the first crowdfunded projects, way past the challenges we had to face while navigating the uncharted territory that is building Golem, the...

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Chile Will Use Ethereum Blockchain Network To Monitor Energy Data

With an announcement made on Thursday the 5th of April, the government of Chile has stated that it will be making use of Ethereum’s blockchain network in order to record the data from the country’s energy sector. The Chilean National Energy Commission made this announcement saying that it had launched the South American nation’s first ever blockchain project. This energy data tracking project using Ethereum blockchain network was originally being slated to be started off in February this year. Regardless, the project has come into existence later rather than sooner. With the project, the CNE wants to integrate the costs...

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Midweek Market Review – Crypto Daily

It’s Wednesday, therefore it’s the middle of the week, right? How have things been looking thus far? It’s been yet another turbulent week with regards to the cryptocurrency markets however in comparison to the previous few weeks, things do seem to be looking like they are beginning to level out. As it stands here’s the data for the top 5 currencies at the time of writing, please bear in mind that this could of course change in an instant. *data from Ethereum looks to be racing ahead in terms of gradient, with Bitcoin Cash not so far behind, overall...

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NEO (NEO) Could Become The Ultimate Ethereum

Neo, also termed as the Chinese Ethereum is a smart contracts platform with more emphasis on versatility and less energy consumption. If Ethereum is crude oil, then NEO would be clean energy. This is due to its dedicated bookkeeping nodes. NEO also has support for a lot more programming languages and is a lot faster as well. NEO is fork resistant which means there will always be one variant of NEO around. NEO was rebranded from Antshares in June 2017 and has gained a lot of popularity for being a smart economy platform. While the unique qualities of NEO (NEO)...

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