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Can EOS (EOS) Put Ethereum (ETH) Out Of Business?

EOS (EOS) is not a new coin. In fact, it has enjoyed a rather strange reputation as “Ethereum killer” for quite some time. EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH) are competitors but until now they were more like Google and Bing or Nvidia and AMD. This is because Etheruem (ETH) is the second largest coin by market cap with more than 90% of the ICOs ever held on its platform compared to EOS (EOS) which ranks as the fifth coin by market cap right now thanks to its 16% price spike today. With EOS (EOS) in the fifth spot, the debate...

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Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash And Ripple Leading April's Surge

April has been a very positive month. Leading up to Easter, we had predicted that actually, April was just an extension of March, with markets down and a very depressing outlook over. Moving past the Easter period, things did start to look somewhat more positive. The positive notion, turned into a positive trend, which in turn turned into what now seems to be more of a positive surge. There are millions of powers at work behind all of this. A surge in cryptocurrency is encouraged by a wealth of different entities, a number of discourse working behind the scenes, realistically,...

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Ethereum Casper Upgrade Ready For Review

The new code for Ethereum which will change the way that the blockchain network reaches consensus is up and ready for review from the Ethereum community. The new proposed improvement in Ethereum’s protocol EIP 1011 is being dubbed as Hybrid Casper Friendly Finality Gadget is a change which has been in the works for a long time. Aiming to reduce the resource exhaustive aspect of the mining process on the Ethereum blockchain in a bid to make the whole process greener is going to focus on Proof of Stake rather than the current Proof of Work method to reach consensus...

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Vs. Ethereum (ETH): Too Big To Ignore

Ethereum Classic (ETC) hailed as the original Ethereum was originally meant to be an abandoned project. When Ethereum (ETH) came into existence, most developers and miners assumed that everybody will just shift to the newly created fork (ETH) and the old project will be left to die. However, believers in principles of immutability and decentralization continued to work on the project. Even to their own surprise, the project surpassed the expectations of many as it received recognition for being the top 4 coin in terms of progress made for the year of 2017. Charles Hoskinsons from IOHK, one of the...

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Forget Bitcoin; You Should Be Looking At These Cryptocurrencies

Although Bitcoin is slowly starting to pick up again, and experts are still predicting big things for the cryptocurrency, it is safe to say that it has not had the best start to the year at all. Despite the fantastic performance it put in at the end of last year, it sadly has not been the same story this year at all. So, if you are looking for something else to invest in, fear not. It’s time for Bitcoin to move over, because there are six more cryptocurrencies waiting in the side lines, that have all been tipped for success....

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