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Ethereum (ETH) Infighting Might Lead To Critical Hard Fork

Ethereum (ETH) has been the face of bad news recently. The most recent issue was that of its Batch Overflow bug which resulted in most exchanges suspending deposits and withdrawals for ERC20 tokens. This led to some heated debates in the crypto community and also exposed a serious lack of coordination and deep disagreements among Ethereum developers. The most recent of these disagreements is over the EIP999 code which would result in the return of $264 million in lost funds. Of course, these funds will not be recovered but instead more Ethereum (ETH) will be printed by tampering the code....

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War On ASICs Might Not Be The Solution

The war on ASIC mining has been raging on in recent times in the cryptocurrency world. One of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, Ethereum, has been one of those very active in the bid to make the blockchain network impervious to ASIC mining but if one of the core developers from the Ethereum blockchain network has its way, Ethereum might actually be welcoming ASIC miners. This war on ASIC miners has seen many of the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Monero take aggressive steps in order to ensure that their networks become ASIC resistant. Yet amidst all of this, one...

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Ethereum Ecosystem To See New Tech To Solve Scaling

There is something new on the horizon for the Ethereum blockchain network which might just resolve the issue of scaling for the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. The inspiration for the name of this new technology comes from Slavic mythos – namely Perun – the god of lightening. The new tech which has been researched on by a group of researchers that are based in Warsaw, Poland takes its inspiration from the lightening network that Bitcoin is making use of. A new white paper has been released by the researchers based in Poland which has been given the title...

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The Ethereum Blockchain Is Inspiring Movements In China

A report out today discusses how students in China are making most of sophisticated use of the Ethereum blockchain in order to inspire a branch of the movement, #MeToo. #MeToo is part of a worldwide campaign to highlight instances of sexual assault. Inspired by allegations of sexual assault in the film industry, #MeToo encourages women (particularly) to speak out against instances of sexual assault that would otherwise go undetected in our patriarchal society. Now Quartz Media have published a report that discusses how this movement, in China specifically are taking to the Ethereum blockchain to provide an encrypted communication platform....

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$140,000 In Ethereum Stolen In Wallet Hack

Yesterday, news surfaced of a large scale attack that had taken place on MyEtherWallet, during which over 200 Ethereum was stolen, to the tone of almost $140,000. Couple of DNS servers were hijacked to resolve users to be redirected to a phishing site. This is not on @myetherwallet side, we are in the process of verifying which servers to get it resolved asap. — (@myetherwallet) April 24, 2018 According to MyEtherWallet’s Twitter page, a number of the companies DNS servers sustained an attack which started to redirect users of to a phishing website. From this site, user...

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