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Ethereum Won 2017, Will Litecoin Win 2018?

Although 2017 was the year the mainstream media started talking about Bitcoin in earnest, it was also the year that smaller cryptocurrencies started to force their way into the spotlight. Better-known Bitcoin might have occupied the front page headlines, but little brother Ethereum has also been pushing its way to the top of the cryptocurrency pile. During 2017 the lesser-known blockchain currency gained value from $8 to around $1,300. Now Ethereum is being pushed aside by another competitor who wants a slice of the market. Litecoin, a small yet stable cryptocurrency, is gaining prominence - and increasing in value. As...

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Why You Should Invest In Ethereum After The 2018 Crash

If you are following the news, you will be well aware of the cryptocurrency crash that happened just last month, and saw the prices of all major virtual currencies drop significantly. Whilst some experts are predicting that the prices of some might never fully recover, others are saying this could be the best thing that could have happened. One cryptocurrency that has come out on top though is Ethereum, and here’s why. Bitcoin has been the ball park so far, and has had a very powerful influence on the market. However, the crash has made Ethereum stand out for a...

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Will The Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Stabilise After The Crash of 2018?

A long standing concern among investors in the cryptocurrency community is the volatility. Back in early January 2018, we witnessed a huge crash in prices, one that we are yet to recover from. There have been a number of factors that have been blamed for this crash, with the South Korean crypto ban being top of the list. Regardless of what has caused the crash, the one big question on everyone’s lips is; will it ever recover? The bottom line is that experts believe that it eventually will. The crypto markets have survived at least two major crashes before, and...

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Ethereum Will Pass Bitcoin In April 2018

It seems a wild statement to make, given the disparity in value between the two cryptocurrency giants (at time of writing, Bitcoin’s value exceeds Ethereum’s by a factor of ten), but we’re not talking about pricing, but market dominance. Since it kickstarted the digital currency phenomenon back in January of 2009, Bitcoin has always been way ahead in terms of its dominance of the market cap. We determine this through the comparative growth of Bitcoin as a percentage of the overall growth of the market. As new coins enter the sector, if their growth from initial investment exceeds the market...

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Ethereum's Blockchain Is Being Trailed In A Number Of Exciting Ways

Despite the recent plunge in market price, Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market… or does it? After all there are many ways to measure the value of a commodity, especially one as nebulous as digital currency. Whilst Bitcoin may still have the edge (for now) in terms of monetary worth, it is Ethereum that has really stolen ahead of the pack in terms of versatility and application. You see, it’s all about the blockchain. As any investor will tell you, assets come and assets go, but ideas are a harder thing to shift. While some look at...

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