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Did Ethereum (ETH) Just Break A Critical Support Against Bitcoin (BTC)?

Ethereum (ETH) seems to have broken a critical support against Bitcoin (BTC). This is a big development that nobody is talking about because everyone is expecting the next bull run and the next alt season. Bitcoin (BTC) dominance keeps on rising and has now surpassed 63%. This is bad news for the altcoin market because BTC/USD is not done yet and we are yet to see further downside and possibly a multi-year bear market. While Bitcoin (BTC) may survive that, most of these altcoins will have a hard time staying above water. We have been talking about a test of...

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Walmart Teams Up With VeChain But Is It Better Than Ethereum?

It’s almost been a year since the first VeChain block was mined. The VeChain Thor blockchain went live on 30th June 2018 with the startup hitting kicking off with a bang. Walmart Chian has recently posted a press release saying that it will be teaming up with the blockchain startup giving enthusiasts the bullish feeling. With this newfound partnership, Walmart is going to use VeChain’s blockchain to keep track of food products in its supply chain. The retail firm will be assisted greatly thanks to VeChain. There have been a lot of food safety allegations surfacing this past year in...

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Ethereum: Where Do We Go From Here?

Bitcoin has been running on a high these past few weeks. Some people are even getting their hopes as high to say that BTC could reach $60k in this bull run. Investors and traders that believe this often indicate that a local top is in. if that’s the case, those who took profits at current levels might shift their capital to other crypto tokens.  One other such token is Ethereum. ETH We all know that Ethereum has a lot of potential in it.  The popular crypto trader and analyst, Benjamin Blunts looked at Ethereum and saw a big comparison to...

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Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 27 June 2019

Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC/USD) traded in an extremely volatile manner early in today’s Asian session as the pair fell to the 11350 area after trading as high as the 13868.44 area late in yesterday’s North American session. Buying activity started in size during yesterday’s Asian session and it accelerated during yesterday’s European and North American sessions, driving BTC/USD to its strongest print in 2019. Significant Stops were elected above the 11,510.44 area, representing the 50% retracement of the 19,891.99 – 3,128.89 range, and then above the 13,488.49 area, representing the 61.8% retracement of the same range. Yesterday’s trading activity was some...

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Ethereum (ETH) And Other Altcoins Risk Extreme Capital Flight

Bitcoin (BTC) dominance has reached has reached 61%. This is something we have not seen in a long time. The market is frustrated that Bitcoin (BTC) keeps on shooting up while altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) lag behind. If we look at the weekly chart for ETH/USD, we can see why it has been lagging behind. The price is trading in a large ascending triangle as well as a horizontal resistance around $340. The price is very likely to start falling from here and if it ends up breaking below the ascending wedge, we will see it decline to the bottom...

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