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Ethereum (ETH) Price Action Confirms Altcoin Downtrend Not Yet Broken

Ethereum (ETH) continues to be in a strong downtrend on the ETH/USD daily chart, having faced a rejection at the upper limit of the resistance line in May. The price has yet to find a bottom but it is getting closer to the lower limit of the ascending channel. If Ethereum (ETH) continues to trade at its current pace, it is likely to find a bottom around September at the latest. Ethereum (ETH) being the largest cryptocurrency platform and the second largest coin by market cap also serves as an indicator of the price action of the rest of the...

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Bitcoin And Ethereum Flying High As XRP Struggles To Progress

The positive trend continues, now we must start to ask ourselves if a bull run is really imminent here? As the markets continue to recover and move up to figures not experienced since April, we should start to look the implications of this. Since Bitcoin is currently paving its own way up, we must assume that the rest of the markets will follow suit soon, especially given that Bitcoin dominance currently stands at 46.7%. Whilst we can’t guarantee it, we do have a very good feeling here. The markets look like they could surge soon and if they do, prices...

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Ethereum (ETH) May Find A Bottom Next Month

Ethereum (ETH) is still in a strong downtrend. The price has failed even to get past the 50 EMA since June as can be seen in the chart for ETH/USD above. The EMA alignment is strongly bullish and the RSI signals more downside to come in the days ahead.  The RSI has just fallen below its EMA which means the price is likely to pullback sharply in the near future. Since the beginning of this correction, Ethereum (ETH) has completed two successful cycles of upwards and downwards movement within the wedge it is trading in. The price touched the bottom...

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EOS & Ethereum On Top In China’s New Crypto Ratings

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has just revealed its third official cryptocurrency ratings index. In June, NEO, Stellar, Lisk and Nebulas were at the bottom with Ethereum and EOS on top. This month, EOS and Ethereum maintain their position but with Ripple, Stellar and NEO slightly dipping. The number one digital currency, Bitcoin is holding onto the number 16 position on the ratings index. Here is a look at the top 16 on the index. Each of the scores is based on the underlying technology of each coin as well as the innovation, application and technology...

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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Talks About Big Challenges Ahead For Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin has said that blockchain technology and digital currency have at least a few more bigger challenges left until they can finally reach a mainstream appeal. Buterin sat down the economist Tyler Cowen in a new interview whist explaining that scalability and making it easier for the users are imperative for the success of new technology. He goes on to say: “Ethereum blockchain’s capacity right now is about 15 transactions a second. If you even consider something like putting all the uber rides on the blockchain, that’s 12 transactions per second already.” He continues to say: “I do...

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