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Queensland Government To Support Payments In BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH And XEM

According to reports out today, local authorities in Queensland are alleged to be piloting a programme that could see the adoption of a number of cryptocurrencies within the state. The currencies in question include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and NEM. The project is set to see the government approve work by a company called TravelbyBit, an established cryptocurrency project that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. According to, Kate Jones, Queensland’s Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development has said: “TravelbyBit has devised a clever way to make it easier for visitors to our state to pay for their...

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Market Update - BTC, ETH And XRP Down, MIOTA Breaks Away

Is it correction, or is it something else? Is this trend just what we need to get used to for August too? The markets are down once again, except this time, the major cryptos are taking big leaps downwards. The markets have been so volatile the past few weeks, we had hoped that off the back of some positivity, this week would give us a nice level playing field through which we could build some hope for August. There is good news in here of course, with Bitcoin dominance flying high. For now though, as it stands the markets are...

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Binance Acquire Ethereum Wallet To Enhance Their Customers Safety

Safety and security are paramount for cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to ensure they are able to keep hold of their customers, they need to make sure their customers feel safe using their product. Moreover, with international regulations focusing on exchanges, the companies need to start to focus on making sure their product is as secure as it can be, otherwise they may end up losing their license to trade. Binance are of course one of the largest exchanges in the world, therefore this latest announcement brings with it some great positivity and reassurance for customers. According to an announcement on...

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Market Update - BTC And ETH Crashing, XRP Finding Balance

Last weeks optimism has well and truly vanished. We start August on a very negative note. The markets are down, values are falling and overall, everything is a little bit disappointing. After almost two weeks of positive movements, we finally saw, for the first time in a number of months, various cryptocurrencies moving back up towards their April highs, back on the road to recovery. This week however started off with a downwards pulse, a pulse that has continued to drag prices down. We can’t yet tell if todays standings are down to heavy correction or something more serious so...

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2020 Trump Rival Will Use BTC, ETH And ERC20 To Fund Presidential Campaign

2020, two years from now and time for another presidential election in the United States. Now as we know, the current president, Donald Trump, is able to run for a second term in office, assuming nobody from the Republicans successfully takes the top spot from him. US politics are quite complicated, though the premise of it is that there are two main parties, the Republicans and the Democrats plus the chance for independants to run too. This latest news highlights a new candidate for the Democrats, who is alleged to be accepting cryptocurrency payments in order to help fund his...

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