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Good Performances For XRP, EOS & Stellar

Despite this year being less than satisfactory for the cryptocurrency market, we are in the midst of a slight bull run which pushed several digital currencies up the rankings to improved heights. We’re not saying that Bitcoin is worth $20,000 again but it seems to be on the rise. Over the past day, the statistics of all of the cryptocurrencies are seeing green lights suggesting that the market is on the rise. Bitcoin is currently priced at $3,491 and is 6.18 percent in the green. But let’s take a look to the other cryptocurrencies such as XRP, EOS and Stellar...

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EOS dApps Being Taken Over By China

Ever since the blockchain industry was developed, dApps have become a big topic within the industry. SV Insight Research analysed data from State of the dApps from 12th September - 18th October 2018 and it found that gambling dApps account for the majority of the dApps. The team picked out the top ten gambling decentralised apps based on the daily activities and discovered that China’s development teams occupy four seats. On top of this, for the players country category, China has the most users. Based on data from State of the dApps at the end of 18th October 2018, gambling...

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TRON Improving Against EOS

The TRON platform has grown in popularity due to how unique it is as a system which has different features such as streaming, content delivery and holding storage in the most secure and simple manner. In recent weeks, the platform has seen some massive growth especially in terms of its daily transaction volumes. The recent development has been announced on Twitter by Justin Sun, the companies firms founder and CEO. In a recent Tweet, Sun said that TRON’s transaction volume on a daily basis is now increasing at a rate of more than $20,000 every day. He even went on...

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Fake EOS Scam Hits Google Play

A group of EOS develops in Brazil called EOS RIO, has warned several users that there is someone trying to spread a fake version of its digital currency wallet app on the Google Play store. Even though the app looks like the real deal - it even claims to have been developed by EOS RIO - the Brazilian team has issued a statement to verify that their official app is yet to make on to the Google Play store.   SCAM ALERT There is a fake SimplEOS app on Google Play! We’ve taken the security measures to take it down! Please...

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Weiss Ratings Back XRP, ADA, XLM & EOS

The American crypto research firm Weiss Ratings has published the latest update of its popular digital currency ranking which evaluates over 100 tokens out of a total of more than 3000 studied cryptocurrencies. Despite this, only four were rated as ‘strong buys’ by the firm. According to the Ranking, the crypto coins get a rating ranging from grades E- to A+. If a crypto receives a B- or higher then it is considered to be a ‘buy’ when the rating is between C- and C+ it is considered a ‘hold’ whereas if it is lower than a d+ it is...

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