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TRON & EOS Bounce Back This Week

The past week has seen some very positive movements from the two Ethereum rivals TRON and EOS, both of which regularly reside in the cryptocurrency markets top ten and both of which often hit the headlines. There are some similarities that can be drawn between the two, however speaking generally, EOS and TRON are very different. So, since their similarities can’t explain why EOS and TRON have had such a positive week, let’s explore what’s taking TRON and EOS to the moon this week (not literally). TRON Many believe that the value of TRON will eventually climb to it’s old...

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EOS On The Verge Of A Breakout, Big Updates Looming

As we can see EOS is seeing some very positive movements of late, granted the price of EOS is currently very low, some might even say that at the moment, 1 EOS token is an absolute bargain given that during the spring of 2018, EOS reached an all time high of over $21.00. Prior to this, EOS registered a price of $4.34 proving that as it stands, surpassing the $20.00 threshold is still within the grasp of EOS and a big bull run could be all EOS needs to actually set a new all time high in 2019. Of course,...

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35% Improvement For EOS’ Transaction Speed

Two years ago the EOS blockchain came into the world as a network for the development of decentralised applications. Now, EOSIO has recently been revealed as well as EOSIO.CDT upgrade which will bring in a row of advancements including a higher speed of the blockchain transactions. Next version of EOSIO The team has EOS has finished their work on the updates of the EOSIO software and is ready to present them. In the official announcement published by the firm, the efficiency of the peer-to-peer networking later will have significant improvements in the new version. In addition to this, the developers...

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EOS: A Year In Review

Over our past few installments, we have covered a year in review for some of the top cryptocurrencies in the markets through 2018. In many ways, we have saved the best till last with EOS. Okay, so in terms of value, Bitcoin has clearly been the ‘best’ cryptocurrency during 2018, however, EOS has been a very quiet overachiever, reaching an all time high not once, but twice! Granted, the majority of 2018 has seen negative movements for EOS investors who have been presented with two clear sell off periods, those who held on may be feeling a little bit regretful...

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EOS Could Trigger The First Bull Run Of 2019

We awoke this morning to news that EOS was the highest performer on the market, smashing past Tether and Stellar moving up to fourth place by market capitalisation. This huge increase in market cap seems to be down to two distinct things, firstly, a huge spike in the price of EOS and secondly, reports that have surfaced recently that discuss the market cap of EOS and how over 12% of it is now made up of other tokens built upon the EOS protocol. If you’re not aware, EOS is similar to Ethereum in that it allows for the development of...

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