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TRON Users Continue To Surpass EOS And Ethereum

In the battle for the biggest decentralised platform provider between EOS, Ethereum and TRON, the latter continues to reign king after more reports have surfaced that suggest TRON still continues to retain the highest amount of dApp users. The battle between EOS, Ethereum and TRON is hot and is heavily debated among the cryptocurrency community. Of course, each of the project does come with it’s own unique selling point and intrinsic advantages, however it is TRON that always seem to come out on top when it comes to the provision of decentralised applications. Granted, this isn’t having a major impact...

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Can EOS Thefts Be A Good Thing?

When we read reports of cryptocurrency hacks and thefts, we are all very quick to respond negatively, for obvious reasons too, when assets are stolen, it damages the ecosystem and more importantly, damages the reputation of cryptocurrency. Of course, the theft of cryptocurrency does come as a direct consequence of a lack of regulation and decentralisation. This is a case of anonymity making hacks very attractive because it’s unlikely that they will get caught, it’s as simple as that. Recently the EOS community has been exposed to a bug that has in turn exposed a major EOS account to an...

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EOS’ New Partnership Sees The Crypto Soar

There seems to be a new partnership on the horizon for EOS with Tapatalk which is working on a new project which could be getting built on the EOS platform. For those that don’t know, Tapatalk is an app which allows access to online forums. The app is mainly designed to provide improved access to forums for mobile platforms over access provided by the forum itself. The collaboration of EOS and Tapatalk is aimed at rewarding forum owners and their forums communities using Gold Points to help online forums grow and increase the engagement and improve the quality of content...

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Popular NEO DApp Swings Over To EOS

According to recent reports, a popular NEO based DApp (decentralised application) has taken the decision to move over to EOS in order to make use of the faster and more scalable EOS blockchain. The culture of DApps is becoming bigger and bigger, with many new alternative DApp building platforms. Gone are the days of Ethereum dominance, now developers are able to build DApps on a whole host of functional, fast and working blockchains, including TRON, EOS and of course, NEO. Because of this, competition is rife, many DApp developers are always looking to make their DApps better, in order to...

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How EOS & LTC Are Spearheading The Market

Following the short bull run that occurred over the past few days, many members of the community expected the markets to once again see losses but instead, they were pleasantly surprised. Despite all the pessimism, the markets are continuing to see green and it seems that EOS and Litecoin are leading the herd. In addition to this, the market cap for all cryptocurrencies has reached a six week high of $136 billion as a further $3 billion came flooding into the crypto space over the last 24 hours. The two main cryptocurrencies that are dominating the space is EOS and...

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