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Rental Contracts On EOS Confirmed By EOSIO

One of the main contributors to the development and enhancement of EOS, EOSIO has confirmed that a stable release of EOSIO.contracts has been released. EOSIO is the latest release which has a main focus on issues mainly related to the Resource Exchange. In fact, according to them: “The intention of The Resource Exchange (REX) functionality is to enable [EOS] token holders to rent portions of their CPU and Network resources to those needing more computational power to operate applications on the platform.” EOSIO have detailed in a recently published blog post that they aim to achieve “more robust functionality for...

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EOS Founder: “June Will Be Biggest News Since EOSIO Announcement”

Currently the fifth biggest cryptocurrency in the market, EOS is one of the direct competitors of Ethereum, TRON and Cardano in terms of its smart contracts and dApp development capabilities. The project has been quiet recently and there haven’t been any major announcements since the launch of EOSIO version 1.6 back in January. According to the founder of EOS, Dan Larimer, the digital asset has finally got some big things coming up in the future. Within the cryptocurrency space, Larimer is one of the biggest names who is highly respected by the community. He isn’t just the founder of EOS...

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What To Do This Altcoin Season

Before we begin, please note that this is not investment advice and we are not investment advisors, rather we are just trying to offer some insight into some possibilities that could occur as a result of ‘Altcoin Season’, a phenomena that occurs when altcoins start to shoot up away from the trend of Bitcoin - some investors call it a pump and dump, but this might not always be the case. Remember that investing in any cryptocurrency is a risky business, all cryptocurrencies are volatile and are subject to dramatic price changes, therefore you should only invest what you can...

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Peter Todd: EOS Is Terrible, Bitcoin Probably Most Successful Smart Contracts Platform

During the 2019 MIT Bitcoin Expo over the weekend, applied cryptography consultant Peter Todd was asked to share his thoughts on the new wave of more permissioned smart contracting platforms such as EOS. “I think nearly all of them are terrible with atrocious technology that makes no sense,” Todd responded bluntly. Using EOS as an example, Todd noted that the problem with these sorts of platforms is they’re trying to build a system for smart contracts by throwing everything onto the blockchain, which isn’t scalable. Todd added that this lack of scalability may have been deliberate in the case of...

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TRON Outperforming Both EOS & ETH With More Than 27 Mln Daily Transactions

Last week, the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce that the number of daily blockchain operations conducted by TRON has surpassed EOS and ETH put together. In the past, TRON has reportedly outperformed both rival blockchains, having made more than 25 million transactions on a daily basis, when compared to the competition. #TRX = #ETH+#EOS — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 8, 2019 The total amount of transactions being conducted on the TRON blockchain, on a daily basis, is nearly 44 million. When it comes to Ethereum and EOS, the figures are around 11.6 million and...

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