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ETH Co-Founder, Joe Lubin Talks on EOS & TRON Rivals

The CEO of ConsenSys and one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Joe Lubin has shared his thoughts on some of the popular blockchains in the ecosystem. He has made it clear that his expectations are quite demanding and he isn’t getting carried away with promises or by market cap. Speaking on the 51% podcast with the host, Tom Shaughnessy, Lubin explained that while he acknowledges that TRON and EOS have proven to be successful in getting the support of investors, from his point of view, they cannot meet the expectations of their users. For Ethereum, the main competition comes from...

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Liberland Initiates Decentralized Autonomous Government with EOSIO

The Free Republic of Liberland, a sovereign nation founded on 13th April 2015, seeks to build an open source government that will maximize the freedom of its citizens. To that end, the country is building a Decentralized Autonomous Government (DAG). This concept is an attempt to combine the best elements of a republic, democracy, meritocracy and decentralized autonomous organizations. Why EOS.IO? To implement DAG, an operating system had to be selected. After heavy research on various blockchain platforms, it was decided for a new and personalized chain to be built based on EOS.IO software. Liberland president Vít Jedlička explains the...

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The EOS Founders Questionable Opinions on Climate Change & Vaccinations

The software programmer and crypto entrepreneur, Dan Larimer has posted a controversial opinion in regards to climate change and vaccination. The thoughts from the EOS founder has received quite a lot of backlash from the crypto community. People are happy to question authority unless they happen to agree with the authority. I question everything in pursuit of knowledge. This is why I can see through #blockchain dogma and others cannot. This is why I question climate science and vax dogma. What’s your dogma? — Daniel Larimer (@bytemaster7) 22 April 2019 Larimer questions the authorities, who confirm that climate change is...

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EOS Constitution Changed Following Voting Impasse

The EOS user agreement was eventually signed recently by 21 of the 30 block producers (BPs) on the network. This comes months after negotiation and debate following referendum gridlock. The new document replaces the much-criticised EOS interim constitution as the network’s governing document. Under the terms of the new EUA, Block Producers will continue to hold a dominant role in network governance. After the mainnet launch of EOS nearly 12 months ago, a huge bout of controversy followed over numerous details in the interim constitution. A lot of people believed that the delegated proof-of-stake mechanism underpinning the network was in...

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EOS Listed On Coinbase Pro

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the cryptocurrency space and this week doesn’t seem any different. On Monday, Coinbase announced that they are adding EOS, Augur’s REP and MakerDAO’s MKR to its professional trading platform. The US exchange announced that customers will be able to start depositing the tokens as of 19:00 UTC, with EOS and Augur’s REP now available in every jurisdiction that Coinbase Pro services, except New York state. MKR can be bought in all jurisdictions outside the United States. You may already know that EOS and REP have both got Bitcoin, Euro and Dollar trading pairs...

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