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Can EOS (EOS) Put Ethereum (ETH) Out Of Business?

EOS (EOS) is not a new coin. In fact, it has enjoyed a rather strange reputation as “Ethereum killer” for quite some time. EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH) are competitors but until now they were more like Google and Bing or Nvidia and AMD. This is because Etheruem (ETH) is the second largest coin by market cap with more than 90% of the ICOs ever held on its platform compared to EOS (EOS) which ranks as the fifth coin by market cap right now thanks to its 16% price spike today. With EOS (EOS) in the fifth spot, the debate...

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EOS Could Smash Past January High Sooner Than We Think

We have been talking about EOS for a while now. It is a currency with some great future potential that has been making ground recently. We should look at the historical performance of EOS and focus upon its movements in the 2017/2018 cryptocurrency boom when EOS peaked at its highest price. This is important because at the moment, EOS is approaching this figure once more. Why is this significant? Well, a few weeks ago we claimed that EOS was actually in full recovery mode as, it had finally reached a halfway point, that is, a point during which EOS had...

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EOS Narrowly Misses $12.00, Twice

Cryptocurrencies have had a good weekend, off the back of what looks to be a good month. Obviously, the reason April looks so promising is simply because March was so dreadful. During this time, we saw all major currencies hit new lows. Track further back and compare this to the performance of major currencies in December 2017 and January 2018, then you might see April as yet another tragic month. Is the glass half empty, or is the glass half full? Well, as an optimist, i’d say we certainly look to be moving up overall and not the opposite. Although...

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EOS, Brushing $10 And Could Hit $12 In April

EOS, another star currency for April. EOS experienced quite an unfortunate February to March period, seeing only a very limited amount of improvement in value. The cryptocurrency boom at the start of 2018 saw EOS hit $18.00. As we know, the boom tailed off, leaving many currencies in tatters, EOS was no exception, stooping down to $6.00, and eventually down to $4.00 in the wake of what has been categorised as a historical event for cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Fortunately, April has seen some excellent improvements for EOS. In fact, I have noted multiple times now that EOS seems...

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EOS Is Setting A Trend And Heads Towards $9.00 Again

This morning (17th of April) we are seeing some light movements in the markets, most of which seem to indicate some positive gains in light of yesterday’s minor correction period. Whilst this does not suggest that the markets have regained equilibrium after the mid-April market surge, it does suggest that over the next few days, we could see some balance injected back into the market values, ready for a new and exciting week. EOS, seemed to be the currency that led the way last week, peaking way before the boom and continuing to do so during. Then, as the surge...

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