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Introducing EOSIO Dawn 4.0, Due For Release This Week

Introducing EOSIO Dawn 4.0 — EOS (@EOS_io) May 5, 2018 EOSIO is the native infrastructure to the EOS currency. EOSIO has been developed to be the worlds most powerful infrastructure for decentralised applications. EOSIO is scalable and can support the facilitation of thousands of decentralised applications, through a simple to use web-tool kit. EOSIO is an on-going project, supported by the EOS token and a part of a movement which only seems to be driving the value and reputation of both EOS and EOSIO, forward. At the end of last week, we saw the release of EOSIO Dawn...

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EOS Almost Slips But Proves Worth In Face Of Adversity

Without a doubt, April was the month for EOS in terms of the value of the currency. Prior to the end of the month, EOS managed to reach an all time high, being the first of the major cryptocurrencies to breach the peak it had obtained back at the start of 2018. As April came to a close, the value of EOS accelerated, both into and out of the mid-April market surge which saw a number of currencies sky rocket and peak at the values we see at present. EOS however seemed to reap the most benefits from this surge,...

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EOS (EOS) Leading the Altcoin Rally to New Highs

EOS (EOS) is currently leading the altcoin rally with an unprecedented zeal and excitement. The price rose all the way from $4 even to surpass its previous high of $18.8, to the surprise of many. It made a new high around $23.5 before correcting. Currently, the price trades around $17. What interests most about EOS (EOS) is the fact that it is perhaps the only coin that has not only fully recovered from the recent correction but also made a new high! The price action looks extremely bullish on the EOS/BTC chart and eyes further gains with room for a...

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Crypto Daily – The Crypto Refresh

It’s back again, for the millionth instalment, it’s Crypto Refresh time! Each week we like to trawl back through the news for you, to provide you with a concise version of the entire weeks events. It’s like a TL DR you can truly rely on.  Once again, this week has been a rollercoaster in the cryptocurrency world. Market-wise things have been pretty bland, up until today, when things have started to make positive upwards movements. News-wise, things haven’t stopped, it’s been as fast paced and as speculation filled as possible. Here’s your weekly summary-  TRON Beaks into Top 10 TRON...

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EOS Could Be On The Brink Of Another Surge; Will It See $28.00?

EOS is back to it’s old tricks again, making gains at a significant pace greater than it’s top five rivals. We have recently seen EOS lead the markets astray, in a fashion many would rather associate with Bitcoin. However, upon observation, when EOS performs well, the top end of the markets soon follow suit, and vice versa of course. Incredibly, we saw EOS reach it’s all time high over the weekend, displaying more than just a recovery from the depression after the cryptocurrency boom at the start of 2018. Since it’s peak, the value of EOS has dropped slightly, however...

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