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EOS’s Voice Influencers Could Make Up To $100m

In what seems to be a screenshot of a message by the CEO, Brendan Blumer says that he expects top social media influencers to be able to generate up to $100 million in revenue from the new social networking platform from EOS, Voice. Blumer indicates in the message that some of the top influencers are capable of bringing 50 million followers to the new social media platform which could, in turn, make them millions of dollars. Extracting such social influencers to Voice is one of the main priorities for the project. In the messages, Blumer says: “Think of it...

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Mortys Are Bribing Their Way To The Top Of The EOS Blockchain

I Have to Admit I am Open to a Good Bribe. The EOS community really stepped up the fun this week as Mortys hit the stage running! On June 6th, 2019 the Mortys Twitter account opened and began an onslaught of Tweets challenging people to Bribe other crypto users with Mortys, a joke token on the EOS blockchain. See this Mortys Tweet by Crystal Rose. How I Heard About Mortys. The first time I heard of Mortys was from Luke Stokes of EOSDAC on Facebook. When he asked if anyone wanted Mortys I said sure and gave him my EOS...

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Exciting Projects Heading To EOS Blockchain

EOS is a blockchain that is quickly developing and is providing high transactions speeds when compared to its competitors and has an embedded voting system. With this, it is a platform that might tempt current decentralised products for building a brand new one from the ground up. Here are some of the projects that look the most promising with a lot of potential for this blockchain. Eva A ride-sharing application based on the blockchain that aims to remove traditional ride-sharing firms that are aggregating the mobility economy. It is a cooperative whose goal is to develop new tech for urban...

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Is EOS Centralised? Weiss Ratings Downgrade Project Amongst Worries Of Central Gains

One of the biggest independent financial ratings agency, Weiss Ratings has downgraded EOS amid growing concerns in regards to centralisation. Earlier this year, on March 25th, the chief technology officer at revealed that on June 1st, EOS would be making the biggest announcement ever since EOSIO was launched. #B1June — (@block_one_) March 25, 2019 Just one day before the event, May 31st, the previous Chief Community Officer of Everipedia and founder of, Mahbod Moghadam took to Twitter to say that EOS could be on the verge of releasing a social network that will be developed on...

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DApps On The Ethereum, Eos And Tron Blockchains Will Disrupt An Online Gambling Sector Worth Billions

The online gambling market is expected to be worth more than 94 billion dollars by 2024 (  Blockchain DApps are enabling transparent and fair online gambling, doing away with the centralised and corrupt organisations weighed down with regulations and government interference. Nearly half of DApps are gambling related and three blockchains corner the market and are presently fighting it out for supremacy. Ethereum does appear to be losing this battle, and although it still hosts the majority of gaming Dapps, most gambling DApps have migrated to either EOS or Tron. However, Ethereum is still the strongest when we talk decentralisation...

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