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Dash Is Bracing The Storm

Throughout this year we have seen one consistent factor and that is the bear market. The constant downtrend has seen Bitcoin and the rest of the market lose quite a significant amount of their value. During the 2018s bear market, the firm behind the altcoin, Dash, Dash Core Group hasn’t said much over the past few weeks and there hasn’t been much news about the coin or the group behind it either. With this Rumours sparked that the project is dead in the water but despite this, the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor said in a recent blog...

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MBAex Accepting Dash To It's Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, MBAex, will start to implement DAsh into its platform along with their own token MDP, Tether and Bitcoin trading pairs, due to the great work from Dash Embassy D-A-CH. The exchange’s currency consumer base is around “70% from Greater China area (China, Taiwan, HK, Macau)”, “20% SE Asia”, as well as “10% Others” areas with “daily website traffic of approximately 1.8mil access and active trader count of approximately 200k to 300k individuals.” The exchange told Dash Force News that they currently have over 1 million registered KYC--ed users. The integration will expose Dash to...

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Dash & Litecoin Now Supported On CoinText

In the beginning, the popular SMS cryptocurrency wallet service CoinText only supported Bitcoin Cash but it has recently added support for Dash and Litecoin. According to a recent press release, CoinText lets users instantly send cryptocurrency to anyone through a crypto address or a mobile phone number. The aim is to make it simple to send and receive digital currency for new users. Vin Armani, the founder of the company had this to say: “CoinText makes sending cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text message. It’s a powerful tool for communities to spread adoption of their cryptocurrency.” The service launched...

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