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TRX CEO Accused Of Illegal Fundraising Via TRON

Not long after the TRON Foundation announced that its founder and CEO, Justin Sun couldn’t make the highly anticipated charity lunch with Warren Buffett due to fallen ill with kidney stones, one Chinese business source raised a few allegations against the CEO of the decentralised project. Sun has been accused of illegal fundraising through his TRON cryptocurrency project by The 21st Century Business Herald. It has also alleged the TRON network operated illegal gambling services that are accessible to Chinese residents and further took aim at an early startup of Sun’s dubbed Peiwo, a social network app, and accused it...

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Closed Buffett: Justin Sun’s Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett Postponed

The extremely anticipated lunch between Justin Sun and the American mogul Waren Buffett as just been delayed! The TRON Foundation announced yesterday that the event will be postponed as Justin Sun has fallen ill with kidney stones. TRON Foundation announces postponement of Warren Buffett lunch, press conferences after founder Justin Sun falls ill with kidney stones. Parties agreed to reschedule at a later date. @GLIDEsf @WarrenBuffett — TRON Foundation (@Tronfoundation) July 22, 2019 As you can see in the above tweet, both parties have luckily agreed to reschedule the lunch date for sometime in the near future. Originally meant to...

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Libra Head: “You Won’t Have To Trust Facebook To Get The Benefit Of Libra”

Facebook’s Libra currency has been under fire since before it was officially that it is announced, that fire has turned into bombs, grenades and pretty much everything in-between. Regulators have been imploring the social network to review the project, postpone it and some have even called for it to be cancelled.  Politicians in the UK share this similar sentiment on the upcoming stablecoin, amid concerns that the social giants’ entrance into the world of finance would be giving it to much power. Similarly, the United States counterparts have questioned Facebook’s blockchain leader David Marcus recently over the upcoming currency.UK...

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Bitcoin Maximalists Vs Altcoins: The Crypto War Of Our Time?

Now if you’ve been in the space for a while now, then you may have heard of the term ‘Bitcoin maximalists’. In case you haven’t, they are basically extreme believers that the leading cryptocurrency is the best digital asset. There is almost a war going on between Bitcoin maximalists and altcoins which has been going on for years now. This ‘feud’ isn’t a face to face thing of course, just via social media, where most feuds are settled. Essentially, the argument goes that the maximalists think that altcoins do not have a future. A lot of them say that the...

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9.5 Million XLM Tokens Landing In Binance Airdrop

Binance has announced what its intentions are with Stellar and it seems to be quite bullish. In that, the exchange plans to support Stellar’s XLM token on the platform. So starting from the Saturday just gone - 20th July - the exchange will give out staking rewards to customers with XLM in their accounts. And with this move, Stellar Lumens join other cryptocurrencies like NEO, Ontology and VeChain. In the companies official blog on its site, Binance states: “The total amount of XLM credited to Binance from these staking rewards is approximately 9,500,000 XLM (approximately $775,000 USD). Binance has decided...

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