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In Wake Of Crypto Surge, Hoskinson Says Cardano Is Making Progress

The well-known founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has revealed a look at how computer scientists and blockchain developers are coping with challenges as they build decentralised systems in order to transform the financial landscape. Hoskinson gave an overview of the platform’s developments on YouTube’s Cryptocurrency Virtual Summit and analysed the progress Cardano has made since it launched in September 2017. Hoskinson says that in the early years of Cardano’s creation, he learnt a lot about how to create and bring a cryptocurrency into the market. “The big accomplishment is just learning how to have a cryptocurrency in the market, learning...

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Could Cardano Become The ‘King of dApps’ In The Near Future?

For hardcore enthusiasts of Cardano, you may have noticed that the project has been struggling in recent months. The cryptocurrency for Cardano, ADA has had a fair few hits in the market too, simply failing to meet the needs of its investors. When it was launched, the project set off to a good start and was able to maintain a decent position in its rankings but in recent times we have seen the token take a slip below the top ten ranking to where it is now (currently 12th according to CoinMarketCap). It’s no secret that what Cardano has achieved...

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The Daily 2 – Episode 12, A Dive Into Cardano (ADA)

Hey what’s up Cryptodaily fans, I’m Brian Wilson and this is The Daily 2. Cardano aka ADA is my favourite cryptocurrency project. Today, I’ll tell you why. First and foremost, it has Charles Hoskinson at the helm. If you haven’t heard of Charles Hoskinson, you should seriously look him up. He was an original founder of Ethereum with Vitalik, is the CEO of IOHK or input/output Hong Kong, and he is, in my opinion, one of the most influential and intelligent people in all of crypto currencies and blockchain technology. His ability to articulate complicated concepts into easily understandable jargon...

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XRP Whale, Weiss Ratings Confront TRX & Could ADA Be The Next BTC?

So it’s that time of the week again, let’s take a look back on what’s been happening in the world of crypto this past week. Today, we’re going to be talking about the billions of XRP moved by an unknown whale, the Weiss Ratings apology to TRON and why we think Cardano is going to be a key player in the next bull run. XRP Whale Because of the power that blockchain holds, looking over big transactions is no longer a chore. Just like bird watching and fishing, whale watching seems to becoming a popular hobby in the crypto space...

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Cardano To Be Key Player In Next Bull Run

2018 was the year when the bulls ascending into the darkness to leave us in a 12-month bear market (near enough) but this year there are hopes that the bulls will return and save us from the slow, agonising bear market. Okay, that might have been a bit dramatic but you get the idea. The reason why this year could be cryptos year is that the market isn’t reacting unfavourable negative news. A good example is that the much-awaited Bitcoin ETF may not be happening after all and despite the bad news, the market barely moved. In addition to this,...

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