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Why Is Cardano (ADA) The Seventh Largest Coin By Market Cap?

Cardano (ADA) is a smart contracts platform just like its competitors, Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) but with more focus on freedom and innovation. It is an open source decentralized blockchain designed to allow Dapps to be built on the platform and to promote exchange and coordination among other blockchains. This brilliant project is the brainchild of Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK. So, Cardano (ADA) is just another platform like Ethereum (ETH) or EOS (EOS) but does it deserve to be the seventh largest coin with a market cap of over $5 Billion? The answer to that question is a...

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Cardano TestNet Launch Could See Cardano Skyrocket

Yesterday saw the launch of the new Cardano, smart contracts TestNet. This launch has delivered some much sought after value to the Cardano currency and moreover, provides the team with some great news, as Cardano enters a new month. Overall, with markets on the decline, cryptocurrencies are seeing diminishing values of late, Cardano at present does seem to be the exception to this, making terrific ground against the overall negative grain. This is good news and at least gives Cardano a bit of damage control. We can’t expect this trend within Cardano to continue forever, ultimately, the value of Cardano...

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