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Cardano (ADA) Could See $9.99 By Year 2020

Cardano (ADA) is in the midst of a critical rebranding phase that could see the cryptocurrency’s price skyrocket in coming months. Currently trading around $0.164 USD (1), it might initially seem a bit hopeful that the cryptocurrency could reach close to $10 in just 18 months. Yet some experts see the writing on the wall that could forecast a big future for the digital currency. Aside from having a history as being one of the more stable, reliable cryptocurrencies, Cardano now offers investors a new version of its paper wallet. The newly upgraded technology operates in the form of a...

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Cardano To Be Added To South Koreas Largest Mobile Payment Platform Plus Other Announcements

Anyone seen the most recent Cardano Foundation newsletter yet? If you haven’t, you might want to take a look! The latest Cardano Foundation newsletter is out! We bring you project updates, recaps from Cardano meetups around the world and more. Check your inbox or read it on the Cardano forum here: — Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) June 15, 2018 Within their latest post, Cardano have outlined some really positive movements within their monthly newsletter. Such movements include information about a new paper wallet launch and most interestingly, further information about a South Korean mobile payments solution and work by Cardano...

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Cardano (ADA)’s Ouroboros Algorithm Might Be A Better Deal Than EOS (EOS) And TRON (TRX) Combined

Cardano (ADA) is a smart contracts platform founded by Charles Hoskinsons, CEO of IOHK. It currently ranks as the 8th largest coin by market cap, above TRON (TRX) and below EOS (EOS). There are a number of smart contracts platforms currently available but not many of them can back what they claim. Cardano (ADA) however, appears to be one of the few exceptions. This smart contracts platform is not only more secure but also more robust and scalable. Its governance is also more fair and transparent. When blockchain projects entered the smart contracts industry, a growing concern was the transparency...

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Stellar (XLM) Faces No Real Competition While Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS) And Cardano (ADA) Fight For The Throne

Stellar (XLM) is a unique cryptocurrency as it has no ‘real competition’. Some might consider Ripple (XRP) to be its rival, but that is simply not true. Ripple is a cross border payments platform that empowers financial institutions whereas Stellar (XLM) is a peer to peer payments platform, cutting the middle man and allowing users to exchange value without third party involvement. In addition to that, Stellar (XLM) is also a smart contracts platform for ICOs. Recently conducted Mobius ICO on Stellar (XLM) was the first of its kind and turned out to be a big success. While Ethereum (ETH),...

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Cardano Flies Into June, Weekly Report Looks Promising

Cardano has thus far seen some positive movements going into June. Granted, today Cardano has been subject to some correction, however, given the positivity experienced through the first days of June and through a very in-depth weekly report from the team, we expect Cardano to join a positive trajectory once again, soon enough. At the time of writing, Cardano is valued at $0.218, down 6.88%. Since the end of May, Cardano has moved upwards from $0.17, through to $0.22 and a height of $0.233 as seen yesterday (3rd June 2018). This current downwards momentum is backpedalling some of Cardano’s recent...

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