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Cardano (ADA) Loses 95% Of Its Value Since January ATH, Further Downside Unlikely

Cardano (ADA) has now lost 95% of its value since its all time high of January. The above weekly chart for ADA/BTC shows that Cardano (ADA) which until now has been trading in a pitchfork as well as a falling wedge is now at the end of its correction. RSI for the above chart has also been trading in a falling wedge and is now at the point of a break out as it has reached the full extent of its movement. However, the price chart shows that there is still room for one wave down. If that were to...

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Cardano & TRON Now Included In Abra

Multiple announcements have just been made by the popular cryptocurrency wallet, Abra. They have announced that they have now added support for the Basic Attention Token, Cardano and TRON and they now plan to allow users to fund Abra wallets using Bitcoin Cash within the next week. Customers will also be able to make transfers from European bank accounts directly to Abra wallets. Essentially, this will allow all users in Europe to fund an Abra wallet using a European bank account. A bank customer from Europe will be able to buy any of the 28 digital currencies supported on Abra....

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Positive Future For Cardano Investors

Whereas the Cardano (ADA) protocol is similar to Ethereum’s PoS mechanism, the Cardano protocol is faster and has improved efficiency. The protocol introduces more features at an advanced level without blemishing the original idea of crypto that is decentralisation. Cardano balances security, speed and decentralisation whilst attempting to improve proportionally forward with each release or published paper. This is the idea from the mind behind it all, the founder Charles Hoskinson, who said this: “What we’ve done with Cardano is start with asking ourselves what a blockchain is. Does proof of work actually make a blockchain secure? Is there a...

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Why Cardano (ADA) Could Lead The Second Generation Of Cryptocurrencies

 Cardano. A top ten cryptocurrency project, backed by the brains of Ethereum but set up with a vision for the future. Cryptocurrency isn’t going to exist in this state forever, as the technology grows, so will each individual project. As it stands, Cardano promises an awful lot for the future and many now believe that Cardano is set to lead the charge for the next generation of cryptocurrencies, the time when cryptocurrencies and their projects migrate into a new purpose, with new uses, new values and a part of a more adaptive community. Why does Cardano promise to lead...

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What Is Cardano – The Complete Guide To ADA

Article published by In 2018 new cryptocurrencies and projects have appeared. One of the most interesting ones to emerge is Cardano, but what is Cardano? In this article we will explain step by step what this new project is about and why it’s considered one of the most interesting news topics in the crypto world. What is Cardano ? Cardano is a new smart contract platform, very similar to Ethereum which offers more scalability and security than the first virtual platform thanks to its layered structure. Cardano has been invented by Charles Hoskinson who co-founded Ethereum. While Ethereum is...

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