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Ethereum Classic To The Moon Again, ETC Could See $27.25, And A Rise Of 61%

Ethereum Classic is having a very good month. The recent announcement from Coinbase that promises to see Ethereum Classic listed on the exchange, paved the way for an incredible mid-June for Ethereum Classic. However, even with the Coinbase news very much settled and back at the back of everyone’s mind, Ethereum Classic continues to skyrocket, moving back up towards $20.00 and almost within touching distance of its previous two-monthly high of $24.70. At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic is valued at $16.86, up 10.98%. Whilst we can’t quite determine what is causing this surge just yet, we can at...

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TRX Price Shoots As TRON Foundation Release Odyssey v2.0.3, Token Migration Begins

With so much going on behind the scenes of the TRON MainNet launch at the moment, it is pretty easy to forget exactly where the project stands and what is happening with the roll out. Over the past few weeks, TRON has been subject to a series of updates and testing procedures that are being carried out to ensure the full MainNet and token migration can be completed in the most stable manner. Because of this, the value of TRX has remained low but continuous. With TRX now on the verge of a full token migration from Ethereum’s ERC-20 token...

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Markets Shoot Up In Time For The Weekend, Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple Up

This morning, the markets are starting to look quite healthy indeed. June thus far has been a disappointing month. This is because we hit June with a real optimism, many experts had called for a new bull market which promised to see major cryptocurrency prices skyrocket. We have however seen the total opposite of this, with the markets plunging and, in some cases, hitting new two-monthly lows. As we start to edge closer to July, we are now starting to see some more optimistic movements within the markets, hopefully this current trend really is a sign of things to come....

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Less Than 40% Of Millionaires Are Getting Cryptocurrency Advice

Yesterday, Capgemini released a survey which showed that 29% of wealthy individuals have a lot of interest in investing in virtual currency and aren’t getting enough advice from their wealth managers. The data is acquired through annual survey from Capgemini’s. In the latest release, it showed that as well as the previously mentioned 29%, an extra 27% (26.9%) are “on the fence” in regard to virtual currency investment. This means that more than half of HNWIs are aware of or are interested in cryptocurrency. The Paris-based company consulting corporation, Capegemeni (not to be confused with Capgemini) defines HNWIs as people...

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These Elements Are Affecting The Price Of Ripple XRP

Many questions remain about ripple’s future however, a strong and effective media presence is a key factor. As many of you will know, Ripple and Bitcoin are often compared to each other. This is due their similarities such as their large reputations as market caps within the industry. But there is one crucial contrasting factor between Bitcoin and Ripple – Ripple isn’t actually based on blockchain technology. Instead of blockchain, the underlying technology for Ripple is a similar, but different, consensus-based ledger. Ripple’s ledger uses a HashTree to compile groups of information into one single value. This value is then...

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