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It’s Not Who Or What That's Driving The Future Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has had a powerful effect on digital data storage and the future of financial transactions. This is true on both online and on private devices, such computers company networks. Now, you might be tempted to think the changes blockchain ushered into the digital world hit a ceiling. You would be wrong. And It’s not a question of who or what firms are driving the future of blockchain; it’s blockchain itself. The nature of blockchain technology will only further catapult it into higher relevance. Enjoy your privacy: It’s uncopyable The Internet and pre-blockchain tech was based on the near...

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Ripple Invests $25 Million Into Blockchain Capital Venture Fund

San Francisco based startup Ripple, which is most well known for its cryptocurrency XRP, has recently made an investment of $25 million worth of XRP into the Blockchain Capital Parallel IV LP venture fund. This announcement was made by Ripple on the 11th of April by the payment network which uses blockchain technology as the basis for its operations. According to the market caps of cryptocurrencies, Ripple’s XRP currently stands at third among the biggest cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively. The Third Largest Cryptocurrency Ripple’s XRP has recently seen a lot of volatility this year and has risen in...

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Blockchain Could Be An Anchor For Sustainable Cities

Last month, Ford, Autonomic, Qualcomm and Waze announced the development of a cloud based mobility platform for cities to manage self-driving vehicle ride-hailing, deliveries and bicycle sharing, that claims to feature everything from payment processing to parking and traffic logistics. Ford announced their GoBike shar program, which launched in five Bay Area cities in 2016. They seem to be trying to avoid the ‘walled garden’ approach, by inviting out automakers to join the cellular vehicle to everything platform. Toyota have also been working on their own self-driving vehicle as well. So, how can blockchain help? It is likely to have...

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Chile Will Use Ethereum Blockchain Network To Monitor Energy Data

With an announcement made on Thursday the 5th of April, the government of Chile has stated that it will be making use of Ethereum’s blockchain network in order to record the data from the country’s energy sector. The Chilean National Energy Commission made this announcement saying that it had launched the South American nation’s first ever blockchain project. This energy data tracking project using Ethereum blockchain network was originally being slated to be started off in February this year. Regardless, the project has come into existence later rather than sooner. With the project, the CNE wants to integrate the costs...

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European Blockchain Partnership Confirms Britain’s Belief In EU Partners

In the UK, we are constantly faced with news of Brexit and the pressures of the EU referendum, to be honest, it is rare that we hear of any positive movements within negotiations and deals, this one however stands out as something both important and progressive. Yesterday, 22 European Countries met in Brussels on what has been called ‘Digital Day 2018’. According to the European Union website: “Digital Day 2018 will aim to reach joint commitments related to the digital future of Europe in order to encourage investment in European digital technologies and infrastructures. A digitally strong EU will contribute...

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