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Liverpool To Achieve Carbon Neutrality With Blockchain Foundation

Liverpool, a major city on the west coast of England is set to be the home of a brand new blockchain project that has been designed to help reduce the cities carbon emissions, in order to become a ‘climate positive city’ by 2020. According to new reports, Liverpool City Council have announced a new partnership with Poseidon Foundation, a Maltese blockchain company which specialises in using blockchain technology to help reduce carbon emissions. As it stands, the Poseidon Foundation currently have huge links with the UK in currently working on a project with the UK’s Ice Cream industry to reduce...

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The Bank Of Canada Reveal The Truth About Double Spend Attacks

2018 seems to have been coined the year of the double spend attack. Attacks have occured left, right and centre and frankly, the threat of the double spend attack doesn’t seem to have let up just yet. If you’re not au fait with how double spend attacks work, here’s a quick description by Jimi S on Medium. “Let’s say I spend 10 Bitcoin on a luxurious car. The car gets delivered a few days later, and my Bitcoins are transferred from me to the car company. By performing a 51% attack on the Bitcoin blockchain, I can now try to...

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Blockchain Hasn’t Reached Aviation Yet, Lufthansa Want To Change That

Lufthansa, the biggest airline in Germany and Europe, and, one of the biggest airlines in the world want to tap into the world of blockchain. Rightly so too. The automotive industry, the shipping industry and most other logistic industries are tapping into blockchain technology yet as it stands, no major airlines seem to be developing plans to explore the blockchain, on a public level at least. It’s pretty easy to see how the blockchain can improve the world of aviation. From transparency in engineering to the improvement of passenger services. It seems that with their latest announcement, Lufthansa want to...

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We’ve Said It All Along, And Now The G20 Agree With Us Too

This year, at this very moment in time the G20 Summit is taking place in Argentina. The G20 are a group of twenty authorities composed of various governments and central banks from across the world. Overall, G20 does represent more than 20 countries (given that the European Union is considered as one sole G20 member). The summit, takes place each year and is designed to act as a forum for the facilitation of economic discussion. Within this, the summit will see groups discuss economics, finance, regulation and governmental policy and how all of the above the affect the global economy....

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HSBC Tentatively Discusses Cases For Using Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is not only dividing politicians across the globe, but is also dividing the financial and banking industries. While many are distancing themselves from investigating and investing in cryptocurrency and the wallets associated with holding coins, several are discussing the potential future possibilities that they could provide. HSBC has become the latest global bank to start making inroads into the cryptocurrency market, with their Global Head of Digital, Josh Bottomly, making the bank’s intentions known in a Forbes interview (see here He stated: “We are cautious looking into this area…There's a use case when you have a token or...

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