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IOTA Sounds Great On Paper, But A Cryptocurrency Without A Blockchain Might Not Be An Excellent Idea

When IOTA was founded in 2015 by the quartet of David Sontesbo, Sergey Popov, Dominik Schiener, and Sergey Ivancheglo, there was little doubt that they were unto something that could potentially fast-track the mass-market adoption of cryptocurrencies. IOTA was founded to merge cryptocurrencies with Internet of Things to encourage mass market adoption of cryptocurrencies and to fix some of the fundamental problems behind the complexity and scalability hurdles of Blockchain technology. For one, IOTA wanted to integrate seamless transactional communication between IoT devices, with improved accuracy, at lower operational costs, and without the core complexities of a Blockchain. In the...

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Blockchain Television Coming to Fox Business Network

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are officially disrupting television. Blockchain television is coming to small screens everywhere. In May, CBS announced a partnership with popular YouTube personality ‘Crypto Crow.’ The national television network promised 13 episodes of crypto-based coverage, delivered to more than 40 million homes. Crypto Crow is not alone, though. Post-cable network Cheddar announced in the spring of 2018 that it would broadcast a thirty-minute crypto show every Thursday morning, appropriately titled ‘Crypto Craze.’ Blockchain Television Coming to Fox Business Network FOX Business Network will join CBS and Cheddar in hopes of capitalizing on the growing interest in cryptocurrency and...

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Hacking Blockchain Explorers Might Be The New Way To Manipulate The Market

Recent reports highlight how a renowned blockchain explorer, was hacked on Monday, calling into question the potential that this style of hack could have in manipulating the markets in the future. is a website used to explore the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain explorers are the premise of transparency and act as a location through which anybody can view transactions on the network, in this instance, the Ethereum network. Now of course, within Etherscan and other similar sites, no crypto is held or directly traded, instead is is a window, yes the blockchain is visible but it can’t be altered...

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The Future Of The Cloud Is In Blockchain, According To New Google Partnership

As expected, Google have entered a bit of a blockchain rampage, forcing themselves into the blockchain industry with as much impact as possible. As a tech giant and a world leader, Google have no choice but to get involved within this sort of work, otherwise eventually, customers would fall out of love with them. Oh and also the blockchain offers some very inherent advantages, so I guess that exists as a justification too. According to reports out yesterday, Google have partnered with a firm called Digital Asset, a company that uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to build blockchain based apps....

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Liverpool To Achieve Carbon Neutrality With Blockchain Foundation

Liverpool, a major city on the west coast of England is set to be the home of a brand new blockchain project that has been designed to help reduce the cities carbon emissions, in order to become a ‘climate positive city’ by 2020. According to new reports, Liverpool City Council have announced a new partnership with Poseidon Foundation, a Maltese blockchain company which specialises in using blockchain technology to help reduce carbon emissions. As it stands, the Poseidon Foundation currently have huge links with the UK in currently working on a project with the UK’s Ice Cream industry to reduce...

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