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Cryptogirl Brings PvE And PvP To Blockchain Gaming - With A Profitable Payoff For Hardcore Players

Singapore, July 3, 2018 Cryptogirl, an extensible strategy card game built on the Ethereum Network, is the first blockchain-based game to offer both PvE and PvP experiences within the same gaming environment - and is the first such game to enable committed players to ‘monetize’ their skills. The game is set in the far future, in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has been wiped out by the catastrophic impact of a comet belt. As more meteorites enter the earth’s atmosphere, they unleash a special force which the cryptogirls, the main characters of the game, aim to collect. And just...

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Crypto/Blockchain Phones, Genius, Or A Complete Waste Of Time?

The evolution of the mobile phone goes a little something like this… Cumbersome to portable, followed by the inclusion of a bigger screen, followed by a colour version of the screen. Next up, more buttons, games and interactivity. Phones could then communicate with infrared and soon after, bluetooth. Cue the sliders, the flip tops and even the landscape phones designed for gaming. Add a camera and we have a technological revolution. Next, we trashed the buttons, who needs them when you have a touch screen? WIFI, NFC, 3G, 4G the lot, now, even some of them are waterproof. All of...

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IBM Continue To Lead The Way For Blockchain Partnerships

Tech giants IBM seem to be entering the blockchain industry through every door possible. As a company that has made its living through innovation at the cutting edge of technological design, IBM do need to take a hold of the blockchain and run with it. Therefore, their willingness to grow and succeed within the blockchain is hardly surprising. The city of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia are alleged to be working alongside IBM to introduce government services to the blockchain. This is being facilitated via a partnership with a firm called Elm Company. The project has been designed to...

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Netflix On The Blockchain Could Change The World

Before we start, this is not an article about Netflix exploring blockchain technology. This is an article about how blockchain technology could work within platforms like Netflix. Netflix is a TV and Movie streaming subscription service. For a monthly fee, Netflix users have access to a range of TV programmes and movies that can be streamed by multiple users on multiple devices. Netflix have totally changed the way we view TV and film and have contributed to the abolishment of DVD and Video. Netflix changed the game for online TV and Movies. As an innovative and forward thinking brand, we...

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Google Have Missed The Blockchain Train And They Can’t Catch Up Now

Tech giants Google are well versed in getting ahead of the game and in spearheading technological revolutions. They are considered by many as winning the smartphone race and moreover, have tapped into a wealth of new technologies including conversational interfaces and WIFI casting technology. It is however a surprise that as it stands, Google haven’t yet produced a full scale blockchain product. Yes, we can guess they are researching it but thus far, they are well behind in the queue for the blockchain train. Some might even argue that at this point, they have missed it. Indeed, a prolific figure...

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