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Did Ripples CTO Create A Blockchain Like Technology 20 Years Before Satoshi Nakamoto?

Apparently, the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, David Schwartz, created a distributed computer system 20-years before the onset of blockchain technology. Does this mean that Schwartz preceded Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain? Or, does this mean that Schwartz is Satoshi Nakamoto? Well, in August 1988 it is alleged that Schwartz filed a patent for a multilevel distributed computer system that could be used to run on personal computers. In essence, this was built to allow computers to share processing powers across a network that would in turn allow for one huge network of distributed computing power. The patent was granted in 1991,...

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Education Is Key

 Mark Lyford of Blockenomics discusses one of the most important things to consider in cryptocurrency - education. Education is vital, it helps investors invest, it helps engineers improve and it helps those who know nothing about crypto, join our growing industry, with the knowledge they need to succeed. Please remember to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications. Share this video, add a comment and spread the word! Please remember that this is not investment advice. Before you choose to invest, do your research and always remember to trade safe.

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How Blockchain Technology Can Make Us Start Paying Attention To Advertisements

Advertising is pivotal for the internet. The majority of what we consume online is funded by advertising and thus, every page we visit is saturated with advertising. As consumers, we are becoming more and more desensitised to advertising by the day and thus, ‘ad blindness’ is becoming more of a problem for advertisers and those that rely on advertising for profit. Because of the sheer volume of advertising we are exposed to, on a conscious level, few adverts actually make a significant impact. Of course, on a subconscious level advertising has a more significant impact than we care to accept,...

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Why Blockchain Is The Tailor Made Technology For Millennials

Millennials are now grown up and can no longer be defined as the youngest, most spoiled member of the family. Instead, millennials are seen as tech-savvy consumers that have matured alongside the internet, and can understand and appreciate the benefits of emerging technologies, such as blockchain. Blockchain technology is a natural fit to the millennial lifestyle and these are some of the reasons why: Blockchain promotes straightforward communication and seamless flow of information Millennials demand instant gratification, therefore dealing with third parties, filling long forms and following any form of bureaucracy in the era of high speed internet feels like...

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The Due Diligence Of A Blockchain Startup PT.1.: Team Issues

ABSTRACT: Investors are faced with a lot of problems in the modern blockchain world: one of them is finding the right way how to objectively decide if the project they want to invest in is going to succeed. As opposed to the financial due diligence objective analysis of the startup requires a great number of special skills, the assessment of a team challenges one to use his social—and sometimes trivial—experience. Definitely, using your communicative background consciously in terms of carrying out the process of due diligence differs from using it subconsciously in the daily graft of yours. In this article,...

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