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Bitcoin’s Testnet Deemed “Unreliable” by BTC Developer

A proposal that offers a brand new outlook to Bitcoins test network, dubbed Signet was introduced earlier this week. The software plays a pretty big role for developers serving as a place where they can test their apps, to make sure that they work to a good standard on the network by putting only test money on the line. Furthermore, the developers on the protocol can use it to test the viability and safety of big changes to Bitcoin, such as the massive big-scale Bitcoin changes, Segregated Witness as an example. The Bitcoin core contributor, Karl-Johan Alm goes as far...

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Tim Draper Digs into India’s Government over Blanket Ban

The venture capitalist investor and popular crypto figure, Tim Draper has had some rough words to say on India in regards to their stance on cryptocurrencies. With rumours surfacing that the country might be implementing a nationwide blanket ban on Bitcoin, earlier this week, Draper took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter, lashed out on Narendra Modi’s government calling it ‘pathetic’ and took a dig at the countries leadership. “People behaving badly! India's government banned Bitcoin, a currency providing great hope for prosperity in a country that desperately needs it. Shame on India leadership. Pathetic and corrupt....

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Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Unfazed By Recent Close Below 50 Day EMA

Bitcoin (BTC) bulls seem to be unfazed by the recent close below the 50 Day EMA. The price keeps on breaking out to the upside breaking past one resistance at a time. If we take a look at the 1H chat, we can see that the price is close to another such breakout that could potentially lead to the break of a key downtrend which will pave the way for further upside. The price has been steadily rising since the beginning of the day despite some sell off yesterday. There is a lot of fear in the market and the...

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Crowdfunding Campaign Announced by BTCPay Server for Non-Profit, Tor Project

The open-source payment processor, BTCPay server has recently announced a Bitcoin crowdfunding campaign for the non-profit organisation, the Tor Project.  Despite being founded in the mid-90s, the Tor Project became a non-profit organisation in 2006 but the next step for the project is Bitcoin.  People will now be able to donate Bitcoin to the campaign via the BTCPay portal or contribute through ‘onion’, which can be accessed by using the Tor browser. Keeping in mind that Tor is a non-profit organisation, the project utterly depends on donations from users in order to run its operations. Announcing #BitcoinForTor, a crowdfunding campaign...

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US Congressman: “There’s No Capacity To Kill Bitcoin”

The United States Congressman Patrick McHenry has just pitched in on the debate of Bitcoin. More specifically, whether or not there is a chance to possibly end the leading cryptocurrency but according to the congressman, there is no way that Bitcoin could be ‘killed’. Assassin’s Crypto Talking on the popular Squawk box segment on CNBC, the North Carolina representative shard his thoughts on Bitcoin as he was asked on whether or not politicians and regulators around the world would allow for the emergence of digital assets like BTC, the McHenry responded, saying that there isn’t a chance Bitcoin could die....

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