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Bitcoin splitting into two?

The latest news around the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is its proposed split in two when block 491,407 is reached. A decision to take this hard fork with Bitcoin has been reached by those within the industry who have become concerned with how involved major corporations have become with standard Bitcoin. This follows on from the last Bitcoin split, which created Bitcoin cash. What is a hard fork and why is it needed? When the cryptocurrency sector refers to a hard fork, it is talking about significant changes to a digital currency's underlying code that results in changes such as...

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Bitcoin leaving other digital currency for dust

With the upcoming split of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is entering into a period of uncertainty. The net effect of this doubt is that the value of other digital currencies has crashed while Bitcoin continues to soar. The hard fork that many are forecasting when Bitcoin does split again has really got a lot of investors fearing the worst, which has pushed Bitcoin levels higher. Why has Bitcoin risen on this market uncertainty? Bitcoin is undoubtedly seen as the safe-haven currency in the digital arena. When there are times of doubt in the markets, then investors will take money out...

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Wall Street takes aim at Bitcoin (again)

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been one of the most vocal critics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the financial industry. The banking titan regularly takes to the airwaves and the newspapers to denounce Bitcoin as a Ponzi scheme, warning of its upcoming collapse. If Dimon's thesis is right (and many experts doubt that it is), his timing certainly isn't. He's been warning of an imminent collapse in the value of Bitcoin since November 2015. Since then, the value of the virtual currency has jumped more than tenfold. In the same time, the US stock market, in which JPMorgan and...

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Appearance of Bitcoin Gold has negative effect on Bitcoin prices

Last Tuesday, Bitcoin Gold came into an existence after a new iteration of the original Bitcoin blockchain had forked off, just three months after the controversial Bitcoin Cash fork. While Bitcoin Gold has next to no chance of replacing the original Bitcoin in the marketplace, it has nevertheless caused small-scale market turbulence. The purpose of Bitcoin Gold is to adjust the blockchain in an attempt to once again make mining accessible to the general public. While major mining operators have essentially annexed the marketplace in 2017, some commentators consider Bitcoin Gold to be the solution for small-time miners. Robert Khune,...

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Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin ‘beats gold, US dollar’

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Bitcoin is a better bet than the US dollar and gold because of its fixed future supply. The American inventor, programmer and engineer, also known as the ‘Woz’, told an audience at the Money20/20 event in Las Vegas that he liked Bitcoin because it is based on mathematics and cannot be diluted, unlike other currencies. In conversation with CNBC technology reporter Deirdre Bosa at the payments and financial technology event, Wozniak said the fact only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be mined - a number forecast to be hit by 2040 - makes it a...

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