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Amazon registers cryptocurrency domain names

In the world of technology and commerce, Amazon is an undisputed giant, and now it looks as though it’s set to expand its empire yet again with a potential move into the cryptocurrency sphere. With the behemoth having just secured three domain names relating to cryptocurrency, speculation is, unsurprisingly, rife, though it was only last month that the vice-president of Amazon Pay Patrick Gauthier publicly stated that the company had no plans to begin accepting the currency, due to a lack of demand. Yet the domain names are hardly subtle:, and Having registered for them on Tuesday...

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BitCoin - A world changing invention and it's not even 10 yet

You may not have noticed but Bitcoin, the world's highest-profile Cryptocurrency, reached its ninth birthday three days ago. The currency, which is now the subject of intense media speculation and regular barbs from major figures in the financial services industry, such as Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, had a fairly subdued birth. Its launch was covered only by specialist tech publications and even they didn't really get it at the time. So what have nine years of Bitcoin taught us? We've rounded up the three biggest changes that Bitcoin has ushered in - just in case you need a little bringing...

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Man in Michigan prosecuted for selling Bitcoin

Bitcoin regulation has been a hot topic in the news recently, with Vietnam banning cryptocurrencies, and South Korea deciding to regulate Bitcoin as a commodity, rather than a currency. But recent news from the USA shows that the authorities are also cracking down on unlicensed individuals who deal in cryptocurrencies. A man from Michigan, named Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, has been charged with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. The charges have been filed in a US district court, and many of the details read like the story from an espionage movie. Stetkiw was caught as the result of a sting...

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Will the Chinese Bitcoin ban be lifted?

Cryptocurrency trading may resume in China, a report suggests. As of September, the Communist Party of China banned the trading of Bitcoins - immediately impacting its price against the US dollar. Are regulations going to relax in China? The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China ended on the 24th October, meaning that typically some temporary regulations will also end. One of these is speculated to be the banning of Bitcoin exchanges in the country. During the Congress, the party leadership is questioned on its current economic policy in China and, in the past, this has led to...

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Where is the future of Bitcoin mining?

Ever since mining Bitcoin became popular, the computational power required to mine it has increased. This means that it is requiring more energy and is, therefore, becoming less lucrative for miners. One way that miners are trying to maintain their profitability is by decreasing their energy costs. The added benefit of this is that it reduces the environmental cost as well.  Mining a single Bitcoin now consumes 20 barrels of oil. This is an astonishingly high amount, although, with the current value of Bitcoin standing at over $6,000, this equates to the value of around 100 barrels of oil. So,...

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