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Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Give Bitcoin.

If you are looking for last minute stocking fillers, giving Bitcoin just became a lot easier, and it’s all down to two British entrepreneurs. Laurence Kemball-Cook and Louise Doherty wanted to give Bitcoin as a gift, but found themselves unable to, as there were no facilities to fulfil this. They decided start their own business, making a website that allowed anyone to gift Bitcoin to friends and family all with a simple click – much like buying something from Amazon. Kembull-Cook quashed any views that the Bitcoin bubble will burst soon, rendering their business useless, by saying; “They said it...

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WARNING: 3 Cryptocurrency Scams You Must Avoid

The barbarians are at the gate. They’re out there trying to get you, but now you’ve got some ideas on how to protect yourself from all these scams trying to get you from every which way. What are you going to do with this new-found financial freedom as you embrace cryptos and the blockchain-based future that awaits us all? You’re going to go out through that gate, past the barbarians and into the world and ... you’re going to get scammed. Of course not! We’re here to help. We’ve already talked about all the things that can happen to you,...

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You Can Now Pay For Your Holiday In Bitcoins

If you have invested a lot of money into Bitcoins, and are wondering what to do with them, why not treat yourself to a holiday. You can now book everything you need, from flights, to accommodation and even your car rental, and pay for them with this popular virtual currency. Bitcoins value has absolutely skyrocketed in the past couple of months, which has made this cryptocurrency very popular indeed. This alternative currency is slowly creeping into the mainstream, and whilst it was only professionals investing before, everyday people are now dipping their toes into this ever growing pool. This has...

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Move Over Internet Cafés, Cryptocurrency Cafés Are Now Here

Singapore is now home to its first cryptocurrency café that is located just a street away from its Central Bank. The business is owned and operated by an investor who is promoting his own digital coin. The café was opened on Thursday, and sells ‘hand brew’ coffee, sandwiches and eco-friendly beauty products, but will only accept payment in the form of Bitcoin, its own virtual currency Ducatus and other cryptocurrencies. The opening, and promotion of his own currency has come the same week as the Monetary Authority of Singapore expressed concern over cryptocurrencies, warning investors to exercise extreme caution towards...

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Car Dealership Now Accepting Bitcoin

If you have invested in Bitcoins, there is some good news, as you can now use your virtual currency to purchase a car. A car dealership in the suburbs of Albany is now accepting the popular cryptocurrency. Is this a crazy idea, or is it simply moving with the times? Cryptocurrencies, whilst still relatively unknown are becoming more and more popular. Whilst Bitcoins aim of replacing traditional currency seems very far off, more and more places are starting to accept this as a form of payment, and this car dealership is no different. Michael Severance spoke about his garage, Michael’s...

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