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Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Grow SUBSTANTIALLY Into 2019

It seems like the string of bad news surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is slowly coming to and end revealing a light at the end of the tunnel for the market. Over the past week, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices have been up relatively high, especially when you compare them to other recent prices. Despite the obvious boom for the market last December and then a substantial fall as we entered the new year which continued into February. Some analysts looking at the current boom in the market believe that there are a few reasons for this. Alternate cryptocurrencies are...

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Short Sellers Suffer With Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hike

As most of you will know, Bitcoin has surged past the $7,000 mark having slumming in the bear market for quite some time. After the bull run hit, the coin rose up by more than 10% and the total market cap jumped by $20 million. Despite the whole community jumping in glory at the news, the short sellers were left weeping in the corner after the upward trend has led to a loss of $180 million short positions. One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe, BitMex provides a somewhat bit of leverage for the short sellers. Short sellers...

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Experts Believe In A Positive Bull Run As Bitcoin Price Stalls

With Bitcoin well above the $7,000 price mark despite the bulls slowing down and with the majority of other digital currencies unfortunately in the red experts are being rather optimistic regarding the interest that Bitcoin has in its slow but continuous surge higher. Staying still Saying that, Bitcoin seems to have stopped at around $7,450. When I write this, Bitcoin is not only the biggest cryptocurrency in the world, but it also has a market cap of around $127 billion. Nevertheless, for the past day, Bitcoin has seen some of the red but only 0.06% of it. The cryptocurrency market...

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MasterCard Apply Patent For Bitcoin Transactions

As the world of cryptocurrencies constantly evolves and changes, traditional institutions, such as banks, are trying to keep up with the crowd. Mastercard was able to receive a patent which allowed users to manage ‘fractional reserves of blockchain currency’. It might be possible to use credit card and Bitcoin as the main currency of the transaction in the future. Blockchain and Mastercard The senior vice president of Mastercard, Seth Eisen, has said that it could become possible to pay for things using only the currency that was classed as legal tender by the Government. In a report released within the...

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Marc Lasry Says Bitcoin Could Increase 433% In The Next Year

Earlier today (18th July), Marc Lasry spoke to CNBC on the morning news show ‘Squawk Box’ regarding how he can see the Bitcoin price rising to $40,000 or more within the next few years. The CEO and billionaire co-founder or hedge fund Avenue Capital Group, not to mention co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA, spoke to CNBC saying that he can envision the Bitcoin price reaching at $40,000 or more as the cryptocurrency gets a wider adoption which makes it easier to trade. He went on to say: “You are hoping that as it gets more into the...

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