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Bitcoin Hits $7,700, Bitcoin Cash Up 3% And NEM Flying High

The markets have taken a very welcome turn over the past week with cryptos flying high, Bitcoin dominance through the roof and an overall positive feeling towards the markets. Whilst we haven’t seen the bull run July promised, we are now setting up for a far more positive month through August. Given the current state of the markets, we are indeed now looking at Bitcoin hitting $10,000.00, XRP hitting $1.00 and possibly even Bitcoin Cash hitting $2,000.00 once more. Of course, these projections are far from the perfect value of BTC, XRP and BCH but these projections at least put...

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Will Bitcoin Follow Gold And SkyRocket With EFT Approval?

Gold is a tangible precious metal whereas Bitcoin is digital. The similarities between them run deep; they are both mined, one physically, the other digitally. Yet if we look closely at the history of gold, Bitcoin is displaying the same behaviour pattern as we've seen for gold. Prices soared in 1971, when President Richard Nixon announced that the US dollar would no longer be backed by gold, as demand outstripped supply. A major development in March 2003 saw the first gold-backed ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) from the Australian Stock Exchange; the people behind this were the Rothchilds of Deutsche Bank....

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American Congressman Says Bitcoin Mining Should Be Made Illegal

Yesterday (18th July 2018), saw two separate House Committees discuss cryptocurrency in general, as well as specifically talking about Bitcoin. While the debates reached no clear conclusion, it has shown the general ignorance of the US’s elected officials on these topics. House Financial Services Committee The second committee to debate on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin was the House Financial Service Committee, with the purpose of discussing potential uses of all virtual currencies both within the US and in international markets. It was during this debate where Democratic Congressman, Brad Sherman (California), suggested that: “We should prohibit U.S. persons from buying or...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Will Plummet According To Peter Schiff

 Renowned sceptic of Bitcoin, Peter Schiff has, once again, brought up his point regarding ‘cryptocurrencies are bunk’ back to the light. Schiff appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast for the third time to attempt to reiterate his point and say mostly negative things about virtual currencies such as how he believes the price of Bitcoin will evidently crash and sink below $1,000. Schiff also mentioned that the debate he had with the, Eric Voorhees (CEO of Shapeshift) was ‘rigged’. Schiff vs. Voorhees So, let’s quickly go through that debate Schiff had with Voorhees. When Schiff went on the...

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Bitcoin (BTC) ETF FOMO Likely To Suppress Upcoming Altcoin Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) may not be as strong as the crypto community seems to believe. The recent ETF FOMO has certainly convinced many that the correction is over and Bitcoin (BTC) is ready to take off. However the fact remains that the BTC/USD chart above is anything but bullish. The price action looks weak and Bitcoin (BTC) is resisting a pullback but it cannot hold on for long. Wave trend seems to have run into a resistance on the daily chart for Bitcoin/US Dollar and the Inverse Fischer Transform Stochastic signals a big pullback in the near future. While it may...

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