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Bitcoin (BTC) Resumes Bullish Uptrend, Price Likely To Climb Above 21 Day EMA

Bitcoin (BTC) has resumed its uptrend and is now on its way to climb above the 21 Day EMA just as it did after the parabolic uptrend of 2017. Currently, it is struggling to break past resistance in the $10,800 zone. Soon as it breaks past it, BTC/USD will have to run into another resistance around $11,040. The price is now close to completing this move and we expect it to stop around $11,600 before it begins its downtrend. Even though the price has already closed above the 50 Day EMA and is now likely to climb above the 21...

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Spain prevents Bitcoin ATM scam - International Debate Sparked

Crypto ATMs have become Spain’s focus after a variety of Spanish and Latin American individuals were arrested following being discovered that they had been using the crypto ATMs to reward drug traffickers in Colombia. Due to this situation, it has prompted a worldwide debate about the scam. There is thought to be over 5,000 crypto ATMs worldwide that are regularly being used although there is a discussion of how the machines should be managed.  Vancouver’s Perspective  In Vancouver, the Canadian police vocalised that they believe that the ATM’s are successful and effective bringing “an ideal money-laundering vehicle.” However, they comment...

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Crypto Twitter Responds to Trump’s Harsh Words On Bitcoin

There has been a lot of backlash over Donald Trump's opinion on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after he tweeted on the social media platform that he is “not a fan” and refers to the digital asset as “highly volatile and based on thin air”.  After Trump's tweets about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, social media responded about how TrumpCoin (TRUMP) has swiftly increased in value mocking Trump over the connections between the name of the cryptocurrency and his contrasted powerful opinion. There were mixed positives and negatives of his tweet with some agreeing and others disagreeing with the president's tweet:...

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View the Bitcoin Blockchain First Hand in 3D

The team at Symphony of Blockchains on IOHK has just posted an update on their project Symphony 2.0 which shows off a brand new way we look at Bitcoins blockchain, 3D. Announcing the news through a post on Cardano’s forum, at the start of last week, Symphony 2.0 is set to be an attempt to represent the Bitcoin blockchain in a manner that is both engaging, intriguing and entertaining while transforming abstract concepts into tangible sensory information. Aside from creating something very cool, the team felt that it was a necessity in order to utilise sounds like a signature for...

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Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 20 July 2019

Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC/USD) encountered some slight buying pressure early in today’s Asian session as traders lifted the pair to the 10,457.00 level after Bids emerged around the 10,111.00 area during yesterday’s North American session, just above the 76.4% retracement of the move from 8,919.72 to 13,868.44.  The next upside retracement targets related to this range are the 10,810.13 and 11,394.08 areas. Minor Stops were elected above the 10,649.28 area during yesterday’s Asian session, representing the 38.2% retracement of the move from 13,202.63 to 9,071.00. The pair encountered some technical Resistance around the 50-bar MA (4-hourly), however, and then had problems...

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