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Satoshi’s Vision – Bitcoin Cash Adoption In Japan

At the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference, Tokyo, delegates were treated to a talk from Ken Shishido on Bitcoin Cash adoption in Japan. Shishido, is best known as the co-organiser for the Tokyo branch of the Bitcoin meet up, a movement which hosts weekly meetings to talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across Tokyo. Meet ups discuss different topics and visit different, quirky locations throughout the city in an aim to bring total transparency to users of Bitcoin, a testament to Shishido’s passion and nature. According to Shishido, at present, 2 million cryptocurrency account holders exist in Japan, this is 2% of...

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Satoshi’s Vision – Terabyte Blocks Could Boost Bitcoin Cash

Joannes Vermorel, founder of Lokad, the company behind Terabyte Blocks, appeared this week at the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo to discuss, first hand, the advantages of Terabyte Blocks. For many, this won’t have been the first time Terabyte Blocks has been mentioned, back in December 2017, Vermorel published a paper named ‘Terabyte Blocks for Bitcoin Cash’ (  Vermorel’s paper featured an adaptation of the original Bitcoin white paper, where the white paper discusses Moore’s Law, a concept which is used to describe the inherent advancement of technology, occurring in two-year cycles, Lokad and Terabyte Blocks want to surpass this....

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Satoshi’s Vision - Daniel Krawisz On Mapping Our Way To Global Cash

Daniel Krawisz is becoming a figurehead in the Bitcoin Cash journey, acting not only as an ambassador for a token-based Bitcoin system but also as a facilitator for pushing the ideals of Bitcoin Cash into the mainstream. Trawling through Krawisz Twitter page offers an insight into his world, with tweets such as this one, offering scope into why he believes Bitcoin Cash is the future, leaving Bitcoin Core in the dark. I'll try once I feel like the community has grown less toxic. Right now I'm more interested in comparing the two sides to see how much effort they are...

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Satoshi’s Vision – Simon Dixon Demands Answers From Roger Ver Over Bitcoin Core Animosity

During the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference, Tokyo, Simon Dixon, Author, Speaker and CEO of has been seen quizzing Roger Ver, the appropriately named ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ over his problems with the culture surrounding digital gold and digital cash, namely Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. Dixon highlights his worries over outsider fears of cryptocurrencies, referring to them as ‘that crazy crypto thing’. Such fears might stem from the confusion between using cryptocurrencies for saving and using cryptocurrencies for spending. Dixon rightfully argues that when it comes to spending, people will turn to the dollar before cryptocurrencies, yet he believes that the...

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