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Bitcoin Cash Now Offered On UPayCard

UPayCard aims to bridge the gap between FIAT and cryptocurrencies. By providing a platform for storage and spending, UPayCard is an all in one solution, allowing you to store your currencies, and pay/trade currencies, both FIAT and crypto, online via a mobile application or, via a physical pre-paid, payment card. UPayCard have now recently announced the listing of Bitcoin Cash as a part of their latest expansion. This move will see UPayCard customers offered the chance to purchase Bitcoin Cash and pay for items/trade Bitcoin Cash, using one of the many UPayCard interfaces. According to the UPay Card website: “Bitcoin...

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Bitcoin Cash Crawling Back To $1,500

Bitcoin Cash has had a little bit of bad luck recently. Bitcoin ABC hard fork promised big things, big things that were seemingly unable to take off due to the terrible market climate that has forced cryptocurrencies downwards for around two weeks now. The negative trend really did take hold of Bitcoin Cash, moving its value down below $1,000.00 for the first time, in some time. This is even more concerning when you consider that a few weeks prior to this, Bitcoin Cash teetered just below $2,000.00, a significant figure for a currency that is trying to work its way...

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Ripple XRP And Bitcoin Cash Now Live On Revolut

Exciting news for Ripple and Bitcoin Cash this week, as the pair go live on Revolut, meaning that now, investors and traders can buy, hold and sell Ripple and Bitcoin Cash within the Revolut application. As it stands, Revolut already hosted support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, therefore this move will see trading between Ripple and Bitcoin Cash added to Revolut’s portfolio, generating the option of trading pairs between Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and 25 FIAT currencies. What exactly is Revolut? Revolut is less a cryptocurrency exchange, nor a wallet, it is essentially a real-world payment solution. The application allows users...

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Bitcoin Cash Tumbles Below $1,000.00

The market has taken another casualty today. Finally, we have seen Bitcoin Cash tumble below $1,000.00 into figures not seen since the middle of April. During April, Bitcoin Cash made incredible progression during the mid-April market surge, progression which saw it break free from the path of Bitcoin and take up new heights on its own. Prior to the surge, Bitcoin Cash seemed to remain steadily at 10% of the value of Bitcoin. When Bitcoin hit $7,000.00, Bitcoin Cash remained at $700.00. The surge in April however saw Bitcoin Cash move on from this imprisonment. Leading up to a period...

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Bitcoin Cash And EOS Suffering

This current market is going to take casualties, this is an inevitable part of the cryptocurrency markets. As values fall, some currencies will remain afloat, yet others will see huge chunks of value stripped off them. At this point I must state that even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that the currencies in question can’t make a comeback. In essence, they are only injured and not killed off. At the moment, we are turning to Bitcoin Cash and EOS since the pair seem to be quite heavily affected by the market decline. EOS in particular has been...

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