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Bitcoin Hits $7,700, Bitcoin Cash Up 3% And NEM Flying High

The markets have taken a very welcome turn over the past week with cryptos flying high, Bitcoin dominance through the roof and an overall positive feeling towards the markets. Whilst we haven’t seen the bull run July promised, we are now setting up for a far more positive month through August. Given the current state of the markets, we are indeed now looking at Bitcoin hitting $10,000.00, XRP hitting $1.00 and possibly even Bitcoin Cash hitting $2,000.00 once more. Of course, these projections are far from the perfect value of BTC, XRP and BCH but these projections at least put...

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Market Update - Markets Balance As BTC, ETH, XRP BCH And EOS Level Out

After yet another uncertain week, we are seeing some balance maintaining within the markets this morning after an air of uncertainty has swept the through the crypto sphere over the past few months. It’s been hard work trying to remain optimistic, however today the markets are starting to suggest that the markets could be ready for a fork in the road, a turning point, so to speak. The balance we say today is down to market correction, giving prices a steady edge as values remain at levels that have been consistent through the last few weeks. This is good news,...

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Robinhood Expand Portfolio With Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin Listing, XRP Could Be Next

Investment management and cryptocurrency/stock trading app Robinhood have announced that they will be listing both Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in order to expand their ever growing cryptocurrency portfolio. Robinhood works by purchasing cryptocurrency from exchanges and then selling it on to their own customers. This in turn makes the purchase cheaper for the customer but still allows Robinhood to profit from the exchange, though the level of that profit is obviously dependant on the current market trends. This is why it is important that Robinhood begins to list cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as, ultimately, they are only improving...

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Market Update - XRP, BCH, EOS And LTC Continue To Fall

It’s hardly breaking news that the markets are down, again, is it? As the bears continue to squeeze the life out of the markets, we are seeing value pour out of cryptocurrencies at a shocking rate. We might even see some new 2-3 month lows over the coming days should this trend continue and indeed, we do expect that this might be the case. Of course, don’t let this bring you down. Whilst your portfolio might be looking a bit light, hold on for now because eventually the markets will regain some value. We don’t know when, but we know...

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Why Bitcoin Cash Is Making You Cry

Considering the recent(ish) success of Bitcoin Cash, we are seeing Bitcoin Cash sit under its prime value at the moment. This of course is a recurring trend across the markets, however Bitcoin Cash seems to have taken the brunt of it. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash is valued at $748.65, down 3.20%. Cryptovest have recently discussed a number of reasons which they believe have contributed to the recent fall of Bitcoin Cash. They raise some very interesting points that we now wish to explore. You can see the full article for yourself, here.   Firstly, mining is down. According...

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