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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Likely To Break Descending Channel As Price Finds Support At Trend Line

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is still in a descending channel as the price prepares to test the bottom of this channel that extends all the way back to its all time high. Since the beginning of the correction, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been trading in this descending channel. However, recently the price has found support at the long term trend line and is now likely to break out of this descending channel in the weeks to come. RSI analysis for the BCH/USD weekly chart above suggests that the price has almost bottomed out and that Bitcoin Cash (BCH)’s correction has come...

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Is Roger Ver A Fraudster? Many Still Think So

Bitcoin Jesus and Bitcoin Cash representative, Roger Ver, has been coined as a fraudster once again as a result of his and his websites move to try and deceive new investors into thinking Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Now, without getting too deep into the Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Cash argument (we’re not on anyone’s side here), we see two clear investment opportunities for new investors, one called ‘Bitcoin’ and one called ‘Bitcoin Cash’. Bitcoin, is valued at around $6,000.00 at the moment, Bitcoin Cash is valued at $500.00 (thereabouts). As a new investors, you choose to invest in...

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Bitcoin Cash Set To Hard Fork, Again

Bitcoin ABC, a development team behind Bitcoin Cash have announced the full details of the next Bitcoin Cash update (hard fork) set to roll out on the 15th of November 2018. The announcement is so far in advance of the update, as Bitcoin ABC have a responsibility to ensure that people are ready for the update and that none of the technology behind Bitcoin Cash are affected by the roll out. The update is now live and ready to be downloaded and implemented, but as stated, the update won’t actually go live until November. So in essence, if this affects...

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TokenPay Lash Out At Bitcoin Cash; ‘It’s Slow And Expensive’

TokenPay have been on fire recently, making the most of their social media pages to literally lay into their rivals. It’s brave, but if they think they are the best, they might as well try and flaunt it right? After flogging XRP and NEO very recently, TokenPay have now decided to tap into the Bitcoin debate. Not holding back, TokenPay refer to Bitcoin Cash as slow and expensive, but even more insultingly to the Bitcoin Cash community, TokenPay also seem to disregard Bitcoin Cash and hint that in their eyes, Bitcoin Core is the original and real Bitcoin. It’s so...

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Vitalik Buterin Backs Bitcoin Cash As THE Adoptable Crypto

Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind behind Ethereum and one of the superstars of the cryptosphere, has recently spoken out about his dream of a commercial landscape for cryptocurrency. In his landscape though, he’s not spending Ethereum, not is he spending Bitcoin, he’s spending Bitcoin Cash. According to reports, Buterin recently spoke out at a small event at Berkeley, during which he discussed the state of Ethereum and of course, his thoughts on the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. One of his main focuses (as many know) is this idea that the future for cryptocurrency lies within open regulations that are...

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