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Bitcoin Cash Support Added On Coinbase Wallet

Earlier this week, Coinbase announced that users of its wallet app can now directly store their Bitcoin Cash. the app update will be rolled out to all Android and iOS devices within the next few weeks. Both Cashaddr and legacy address formats are supported alongside Bitcoin Cash Testnet for developers. Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges in the US and their noncustodial wallet app will now support Bitcoin Cash. The Product Lead at Coinbase, Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu said on Tuesday, “starting today, you can now store your bitcoin cash (BCH) directly in the Coinbase Wallet app.” Continuing on from this...

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How Bitcoin Cash’s Potential Could Impact Crypto

Over the past day, there has been a decent surge in the crypto markets and Bitcoin Cash, in particular, has seen a nice influx of price, come to think about it though, BCH hasn’t really gone through much volatility in recent times anyway. With this in mind, should you consider adopting Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin and Ethereum? Well here are a few reasons as to why you should think about Bitcoin Cash in terms of adoption. $pend $pend $pend Why not spend your Bitcoin Cash and then save your Bitcoin? There are some people that have never redeemed their Bitcoin...

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The Daily 2 - Episode 10 What’s Going On With The Markets!?

In our latest episode of The Daily 2, Brian discusses some of the theories surrounding the recent market crash and exactly what could be causing the plummeting prices of today. Overall, the markets have sunk pretty low an age away from the prices witnessed at the start of 2018. This volatility, is evidence of just how risky cryptocurrency investment is, therefore you should always ensure that you trade safe when trading in these markets. So I interviewed Dominic Frisby the other day and one of the things we talked about was what is also the #1 question I get lately,...

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BCH & TRX Margin Trading Available On HK Exchange

OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong which has just this week opened up margin trading for both TRON and Bitcoin Cash. In two tweets posted by the exchange earlier this week on 8th January, the Hong Kong-based firm announced the news for both digital currencies along with a blog post. TRON (TRX) margin trading is now available. — OKEx (@OKEx) January 10, 2019 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) margin trading is now available. — OKEx (@OKEx) January 8, 2019 This month has seen a significant price surge for TRON this month after an announcement that the BitTorrent...

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$1.4 Million Worth Of BCH Tokens Moved In Hours

Last week there was over 13.5 million of Bitcoin Cash tokens moved in just a few hours. Bitinfocharts provided data indicating that Bitcoin Cash was able to shift over $1.40 million in the digital asset - this is equal to 40 percent of the whole Bitcoin Cash market capitalisation. As you might have guessed this isn’t a common occurrence for the digital asset and so many traders and investors were surprised when the news broke out. Every investor interested in Bitcoin Cash has been shocked by Bitcoin Cash recently. Last week, 40 percent of the whole market cap for the...

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