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Siebe Slagter

Siebe Slagter

Siebe Slagter authors analyses about cryptocurrency indices for CryptoDaily and is passionate about the blockchain economy. Siebe is a long-time entrepreneur and enjoys providing life coaching and other training. Siebe is a very successful management consultant, experienced at corporate turnarounds, and is a noted investor and art collector in Europe.

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NEO’s +24.6% Surge Pushes CD Large-Cap Index to 2019 High

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ETH and BTC Power CD 21 Leaders Index to 2.5% Gain

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CD 21 Leaders Index Up 1.57% On Monero’s (XMR) Gain Of +6.8%

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HyperCash’s (HC) 15.2% Gain Pushes CD Mid-Cap Index Higher

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CryptoDaily Large-Cap Index Leads Indices Lower