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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert is a keen investor with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. He has been involved in the industry for many years, and because of this, has gathered a lot of knowledge surrounding this area. He studied English at university level and has a passion for writing. He loves being able to combine his two mains interests on a daily basis.

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TRON Announce New Buyout of Popular Blockchain dApp store

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Bear Market Hasn’t Fazed Fidelity’s Plans

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TRON's BitTorrent To Launch Snapchat Rival

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Bitmain Ditch Idea For Huge Potential IPO

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Top 10 Most Promising Crypto Startups for 2019

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Anti-Bitcoin SV Protest Spurs On With Bitcoin Unlimited Losing Another Member

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WhatsApp To Support BTC, XRP & ETH

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TRON Educational Events Aim To Boost Adoption

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TRON Now Supported On eToro

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Japan’s Rakuten Approved As Crytpo Exchange

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US Blockchain Spending Seeing Massive Surges

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Is Justin Sun Buying His Twitter Followers?

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Santander’s Cruel Mix Up With XRP Leaves Community Heartbroken

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Scam CIA Emails Want Your Bitcoin

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Blockchain Tech Makes Moo-ves In France