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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert is a keen investor with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. He has been involved in the industry for many years, and because of this, has gathered a lot of knowledge surrounding this area. He studied English at university level and has a passion for writing. He loves being able to combine his two mains interests on a daily basis.

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Litecoin’s Gets a Confidence Boost as Hash Rate Hits Record High

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Wild BTC Prediction by Analyst

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Elon Musk: “Cryptocurrency is my Safe Word”

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Bithumb Exchange Subject To ANOTHER Hack

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BTC Trader Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

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VeChain Continues to Grow with New Strategic Partnership

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Visa Card Launched by Coinbase: BTC Mass Adoption Just Around the Corner

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UK-Based Credit Card Company Adopts XRP

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What People Don't Understand About Full Bitcoin Nodes

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Everyone is now Welcome on Bitfinex

Exchanges / Breaking News / Crypto Market

Crypto License Granted to Bitstamp by NYC

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The Impact China’s Mining Ban Could Have on BTC

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Launch Date Revealed For TRON’s Second-Layer Solution

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$1 Billion Being Raised For Facebook’s New Stablecoin