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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert is a keen investor with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. He has been involved in the industry for many years, and because of this, has gathered a lot of knowledge surrounding this area. He studied English at university level and has a passion for writing. He loves being able to combine his two mains interests on a daily basis.

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US Regulatory Authority Approves BitGo For Custodian - BTC, ETH & XRP For Recovery

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Charles Hoskinson Talks About His Time At ETH

Bitcoin / Breaking News / Cryptocoins

BitPay Unsure On Altcoins But Optimistic On Bitcoin

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Could XRP’s Recent Slump Be Due To Manipulation?

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Bitcoin To Reach $1 Million According To John McAfee

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SBI Becomes Biggest Money Transfer Provider

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Mt. Gox Victims Must Go To Tokyo, Not US

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You Can Now Swap TRON For Alternative Other Coins

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Decred DCR Now At KuCoin Exchange

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Bitcoin’s Peer To Peer Trade Volume Hits A New Low

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Ethereum Co Founder Explains Crypto Comments

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Town In Canada Meets Hackers Demands With Bitcoin Ransom

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IMF Doesn’t Want Crypto To Be Classed As Legal Tender

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Ripple’s Legal Battle Comes To An End Agreement

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VPNs Used To Circumvent Chinese Crypto Ban

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Stellar Buys Out Chain For Interstellar Project