Nathan Bentley

As a key writer for Crypto Daily, Nathan’s role entails the creation of cutting edge news articles, reviews, press releases and general content creation. Nathan’s stories strive to include the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news and affairs, contributing to Crypto Daily’s growing network. Nathans previous experience as a researcher ...

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Draper Still Asserts That Bitcoin Will Hit $250k By 2022

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Why The First 6 Months Of 2018 Have Been Devastating For Bitcoin Exchanges In Japan

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XRP, ADA And XLM Find Promising New Listing

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Dash Roll Out Innovative New Payment System In Venezuela

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Upbit To Open Exchange Operations In Singapore

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Chainlink And Waves Prosper After Bithumb Listing Announcement

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Anticipation For xRapid Is Battering XRP Upwards With A 20% Gain Overnight

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Could Bitcoin Really Lose A Chunk Of Its Market Share To Ethereum?

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Robinhood Found To Be Stealing From The Poor, To Give To The Rich

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Monero Have A Dedicated Research Team That Need Your Help

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Cardano Creator Believes Ethereum Classic Is Following The Path Of Bitcoin

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Mt. Gox Bitcoin Payouts Could Eventually Destroy The Markets

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Bitcoin ETFs Could Be More Dangerous Than We First Thought

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Google Allowing Users To Explore The Ethereum Blockchain