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Nathan Bentley

As a key writer for Crypto Daily, Nathan’s role entails the creation of cutting edge news articles, reviews, press releases and general content creation. Nathan’s stories strive to include the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news and affairs, contributing to Crypto Daily’s growing network. Nathans previous experience as a researcher ...

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Investors Believe XRP Is Better Than Bitcoin And FIAT For Money Transfers

Bitcoin / Blockchain / Breaking News

China Are Blocking Bitcoin As The Banks Expand To The Blockchain

Breaking News / Cryptocoins / TRON

Could TRON TRX Skyrocket In The Coming Weeks?

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How North Korea Could Be Mixing Bitcoin To Get Hold Of USD

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One Thing The Markets Tell Us Today, Coinbase NEEDS XRP

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Google Move To Change Ban On Bitcoin Advertising

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Mt Gox Trustee Did Sell Off $230 Million Bitcoin

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Supreme Court Of India Set To Finalise Bitcoin Verdict

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Why Cardano ADA Is Still One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies

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XRP Payments To Be Sent To Content Creators Via New Coil Project

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How Zcash Could Help Scale Ethereum Up To 500 Transactions Per Second

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Decred Mining See’s Huge Boost With New Bitmain ASIC Mining Rig

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Is XRP Becoming A Serious Investment?

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Forget About The Bitcoin ETF, Remember Bakkt