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Nathan Bentley

As a key writer for Crypto Daily, Nathan’s role entails the creation of cutting edge news articles, reviews, press releases and general content creation. Nathan’s stories strive to include the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news and affairs, contributing to Crypto Daily’s growing network. Nathans previous experience as a researcher ...

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Taiwanese Dollar Tethered Stablecoin Introduced

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Robinhood Expand Portfolio With Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin Listing, XRP Could Be Next

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IBM Continue To Lead The Way For Blockchain Partnerships

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Market Update - XRP, BCH, EOS And LTC Continue To Fall

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Are Cryptocurrencies Coming Back To India Already?

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Litecoin Price Up With News Of New Acquisition

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Market Update - BTC, XLM, TRX, XMR Down Once More

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The Role Of China In The Burst Of Bitcoin