Nathan Bentley

As a key writer for Crypto Daily, Nathan’s role entails the creation of cutting edge news articles, reviews, press releases and general content creation. Nathan’s stories strive to include the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news and affairs, contributing to Crypto Daily’s growing network. Nathans previous experience as a researcher ...

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How Will The US Midterm Elections Impact Bitcoin

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Bahrain Are Setting Up For A Crypto Adoption Overhaul

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Litecoin Will Fly If It Makes The Most Of Social Media

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How Blockchain Shift In Miami Is Bringing Blockchain To Enterprise

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BIT10 Is Inspiring Institutional Investment Thanks To Abra

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What Blockchain Needs Before It Becomes Mainstream

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Take A Look At How Ethereum Startups Are Profiting

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Is Bitcoin Really On The Brink Of A Mass Breakout?

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BitTorrent Announce TRX Payment Platform

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5 Things To Expect From This Year’s Delta Summit In Malta

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Coinbase Want To Attract More Than Just Institutional Investment

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Ripple’s Latest Announcement Puts The Good In Crypto

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IOTA Introduces bIOTAsphere, Future Proofing Innovation