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Marvin Dumont

The most revolutionary invention in modern finance is being celebrated this week by cryptocurrency fans for its 10th-year anniversary. “Bitcoin Art (r)evolution” is a crypto-art exhibition in Paris that lasts through the first week of October and it showcases Bitcoin (BTC) inspired artistry from contributors all …

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Cryptos Gain Adoption Amid Venezuela's Economic Turmoil

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Cryptoknocker Lets You Mine On Your Computer

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Monero Volunteers Fight Back Against PC Mining Hijackers

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Can Police Solve Theft Of 1 Billion CMCT Tokens?

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Innovative Crypto Is Backed By Gold, Platinum, 5 Other Metals

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Bitcoin And Monero Used To Launder $89M: Investigation

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Ethereum To 'Rally Strongly' To $1,900 In 2019: Fundstrat

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Did Satoshi Nakamoto Cash Out 30,000 Bitcoins?

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North Korea Using Bitcoin And Monero To Fund Nuclear Program

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China's Baidu Developing Next-Gen 'XuperChain' Network

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Ultra-Fast Blockchain Reaches 30,000 Transactions A Second

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Google-Funded Veem Uses Bitcoin To Improve Int'l Payments

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Goldman Sachs-Backed Circle Launches Stablecoin USDC

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Diamond-Backed Token Makes Debut On First Exchange

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Crypto Trading To Increase 50% In 2019: Report

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FBI And IRS Unmasking Crypto Investors By Paying Firms