Mark Nezvisky

I'm responsible for filming fresh, daily market, blockchain and crypto news for Crypto Daily's YouTube Channel. We cover a variety topics and coins to suit the taste of different investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts. For many years my background was mainly in Recruiting and Marketing. I also enjoy running a musical YouTube channel in my spare time.

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Crypto Crash Encourages ETH Holders To GIVE Ethereum Away

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What You Need To Know About Bitcoin SV - The New Top 10 Cryptocurrency

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The Latest News From Ripple And Coinbase

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Ouch, What A Week! Still… Good News For XLM, ETC And TRX

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Ethereum Blockchain Is Attracting The Wrong People

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The Key to BIG Bitcoin Investment is not an ETF!

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One Stablecoin To Rule Them All - USDT vs TrueUSD

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Bitcoin Cash Fork Complete, What Now?

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ETA See’s Gains In Excess Of 80,000%, Before Reality Strikes Back

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Huge Ripples Made by Cardano Foundation (ADA)

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NEM Up 30%, What’s Caused NEM To fly?

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Mother Of All Chains (MOAC) Flying High In Midst Of Volatile Period