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Mark Nezvisky

I'm responsible for filming fresh, daily market, blockchain and crypto news for Crypto Daily's YouTube Channel. We cover a variety topics and coins to suit the taste of different investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts. For many years my background was mainly in Recruiting and Marketing. I also enjoy running a musical YouTube channel in my spare time.

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EOS Could Trigger The First Bull Run Of 2019

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How To Spend Your Bitcoin Over The Holidays

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What You Missed From Bitcoin & Cardano This Week

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Wanchain launch World’s Most Advanced BTC To ETH Bridge

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Is Monero XMR Really The ‘Sleeping Giant’ Of Cryptocurrency

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Binance CEO CZ Speaks Out About XRP

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Here’s What Could Cause The Next Bull Run

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Is Facebook On The Cusp Of Bitcoin Adoption?

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Exciting News For TRON TRX, XRP & Litecoin

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The Huge Coinbase Experiment

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New Techniques Deployed To End Bitcoin Pump & Dump

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Waves Reaches The Moon After Latest Update

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Dogecoin’s Beef With XRP

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Is This The New Normal? BTC, XRP, ETH, XLM Find Balance

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XRP, ETH, BNB & NEM Looking Good This Week

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Introducing Crypto Daily’s CRYPTO REVOLUTION